Friday, May 2, 2008

Morning moment...

...brought to you by George and Deets, who has begun to venture out during daylight hours now to explore his turf.

That white turf, by the way, is not snow - it's gypsum, the lovely mineral responsible for my delightfully hard water. There are large deposits of it all over the area. In fact, I've registered the name of my road with the county as "White Dirt Rd." The longer we go without rain, the more powdery the road becomes - sort of like driving through a bag of flour. The burros love it, of course, and have their own private gypsum pit in which to roll. That's a Kodak moment I have yet to capture, but I'm working on it.


  1. Well, it's about time we saw a pix of Deets! I've been anxiously awaiting his addition to the slideshow.

    But wait ... I'll get to meet Deets and revisit the entire herd, in person, next week! I feel a major cat cuddling and animal bonding moment - with margaritas and yummy Linda nibbles. Gianni and I really looking foward to seeing y'all!

  2. Glad you clarified that's not snow. Being from MN, anything white means snow to me. As a matter of fact, we're supposed to get some snow tomorrow. That's right folks, snow in May in MN!

    Janet Roper

  3. Linda, is gypsum the stuff the White Sands (at White Sands Missile Range) is made of?

    I desperately need a book research trip out there.

  4. Indeed it is, Billie. My ranch is at the northern border of WSMR - on some older maps, it's shown as part of the range. Some day I'll have to post about the strange goings-on that we see in the sky out here.

  5. Wow! I would love to read anything you have to share - on blog or off! I have corresponded with Whizmer staff but they can't offer much info as most everything is classified and off limits.

  6. So, that's where you are! We were just down your way last month and then again last summer.
    It sure is beautiful down there, too.

    Love the comparison of driving through a bag of flour. Too funny, But so true! hehe