Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My brother's keeper

George and Alan are inseparable. They play together, sleep together, finish each other's sentences... And in the heat of the day, they make shade for each other. I couldn't decide which version of this photo I liked better, so I'm posting them both. In either case, I think Alan is saying, "George is my buddy and I'll do whatever he needs."


  1. I love both photos - they are so handsome and clearly so attached to one another!

    Did they know each other before you got them?

    I'm so curious to see how Redford and Rafer Johnson act when they finally get together.

  2. Billie! Been thinking about you and Salina. I hope her abcess heals quickly and was the root cause of all her recent discomfort.

    From what the BLM lady told me, George and Alan met once they arrived at the holding facility in Canon City, Colorado. To avoid making the trip up there twice - once to adopt them, then to pick them up after they were gelded - I asked her to select two healthy young jacks who seemed to get along, and these little guys were the ones she came up with. So they were in the same herd for about three weeks. They had more time to bond during the 9-hour trailer ride home.

    I'm sure Rafer will LOVE to have another of his own kind around and will bond with Redford in a heartbeat.

  3. That is too precious. I love the black and white one.
    Have you ever heard of the children's book "Twist and Ernest" by Laura T. Barnes? It is about a donkey and a horse befriending each other. It's really cute, we have it at my school library and I always read it when we are learning about friendships.
    By the way, check back by my blog later this afternoon, I will have tagged you for a fun little history lesson! ;)

  4. Thanks, Linda - so far it seems the abscess is the underlying issue. The swollen knee and then stocking up most likely came about due to her arthritis and the lack of blood flow in that leg when she stopped putting weight on it to protect the sore hoof.

    Sigh. This happened right after we got her but this time it really didn't look like an abscess. I wish now I had followed my initial instinct and continued to soak that hoof even after the vet ruled it out. Live and learn.

    Swelling is nearly gone and she is moving better every day. Abscess is continuing to drain and hopefully will be clearing up in a day or two more.

  5. Alan and George just make me yearn even more for my own donkeys. sigh....

    They are just so gosh darn sweet.