Friday, March 21, 2008

Vote for George!

That picture of George you see a few posts under this one? The one where he’s listening to the sun set?’s going to be one of the four entries in the Picture of the Day contest on Saturday. So go there and click on “Today’s Pictures” if you’d like to vote for him.

I love the Picture of the Day contest. Every day when I sit down at my computer with my first cup of coffee, before I even think about doing any real work, I open my 11 favorite websites in tabs (do y’all know about the “open in tabs” thing or is that just a Safari feature?) “Open in tabs” was made for people like me...those who need instant gratification...who HATE waiting for anything...who grew up on the east coast. It’s sort of like opening one excel spreadsheet that has a bunch of tabs – one window is open, but you can flip between the tabs, reading whichever loads first and never having to suffer through the www (world wide wait). Anyway, I can’t start my day without looking at the daily horse pictures on equusite. Some are good, a few are stellar, and they all put a smile on my face. I hope George’s picture puts a smile on some faces tomorrow.