Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The scene that made my heart sing

To the casual observer, this might look like two dead horses and a couple of lazy burros...to me, it was tangible proof of a happy herd. Maybe the wind has been the driving force, but over the past week the horses and burros have spent a lot more time socializing. Hank, particularly, has sought out George's company, and I’ve even caught him grooming George. Though too macho to ever admit it, I suspected Hank had taken a liking to the little rascal. So when I looked outside my bedroom window this morning and caught them all taking a nap together, nestled near the trees against the wind, I just couldn’t be happier. There was Alan, the littlest, taking his shift on predator patrol, with Hank and Lyle trusting him enough to go into the deepest sleep. It was enough to make me stop whining about the wind and be grateful for this beautiful life.


  1. Wow - love your photos! We have a painted pony (and three horses) plus a miniature donkey whose half-brother will join us in August when he weans, so when I look at this picture, it almost seems like our herd transplanted to NM, one of my family's favorite places. :)

    We also have two dogs and four cats.

    I'll be back to visit - lovely place you have here!

  2. I totally get that! I love it too. I have a cat (admittedly a VERY mellow one) and a rabbit. I was thrilled to see them sleeping together the other day - predator & prey. It's the coolest thing. I love a happy house. Kudos to you, as well for providing this type of environment. I firmly believe that the animals in our lives reflect their environment.