Wednesday, April 29, 2020

It's all the same, day in and day out

I know people are struggling with the boredom and monotony that comes from staying at home. 
I am not one of those people. 

As long as I can be around my animals, I will never be bored. 

We thrive on routine and do almost the same activities every single day...

...up to and including standing in the same place, 
pointing to Alex to leap up on the same chair, 
to receive the same reward.
It never gets old.


  1. Alex looks like a princess posing in the chair. we feel the same way. every single time Big sits, stays or comes it makes us smile and feel happy... if he has my seat or bobs seat and we want to sit there, we point to his place on the sofa and he goes there. we laugh out loud...

  2. I feel slightly guilty being content to stay at home. There are puzzles and books and Netflix and Addie and photos to take for IG. I really should go for a walk. I've gained a few pounds sheltering in place!

  3. She is such a doll. Thank you for the post. We are fine at home, just missing the stuff that normally swirls around beyond us. Such as, this is Derby week in Kentucky. No Derby.

  4. That slo-mo made me literally laugh out loud. Love the first pic with the gorgeous geraniums, cute cowboy cushion and adorable Alex. Glad you posted. You mentioned a story to tell about aloes and MBF commented about Spike - enquiring minds and all that. /Gretchen

  5. Aww reminds me of when Smooch would sit and wait for her cookie. Alex seems to be a quick learner. Love your flowers, my geranium bloomed but not that pretty.

  6. Completely content cocooning. There's plenty to do each day, and I love the slower pace of life now. My heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones, those who have lost jobs/businesses, etc., as the pandemic creates tsunamis all around us, but I'm ever hopeful that science will produce a vaccine soon. I also hope that after this is over, and people feel safe to resume their life outside the home, they will return with an edited version of their lives that will be less kinetic/crazy chaos, and more quality and appreciation of the more important things in living a thoughtful life. We get to glimpse that of which I have tried to explain, with every post you thank you for the always inspiring posts! Alex is adorable.

  7. Routine is nice. Alex looks happy as ever. Geraniums are gorgeous. We just had what I hope is our last snow squall of the season, in Maine. Now onward to spring and summer warmth and flowers galore;-)

  8. so glad you're back posting. Alex is a cutie and your geraniums are gorgeous.
    Lynda in Michigan