Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Alex's new friends

We had a visitor at the ranch yesterday.

I wasn't wearing my glasses when I saw him and assumed I was taking a picture of a bat.
Turns out it was just a very impressive moth.
I texted his picture to Danni, whose response was "Omfg you need to measure it!"

He flew away by the time I got back with my tape measure, darn it.
But the story doesn't end there.

Alex continues to wait for the return of her new friends.


  1. Is this the naughty chair where you put guests when they misbehave? Facing the wall for as many minutes as your age? In my case, it’s starting to be pretty long, I hope we’re allowed a book.

  2. Alex does not seem particularly committed to a crusade against outdoor critters. Adorably confused though.

  3. It's good to hear from you, Carson. That moth is beautiful, and since I love to do research, I had to try to identify it. It looks like a black witch moth to me. Their wingspans can reach 6-7 inches. The information I found was really interesting. There's a lot of folklore about it. A fact is that its caterpillars aren't agricultural pests; they eat woody things like mesquite. The moth is attracted to light, of course, but is also attracted to alcohol. Maybe you can get it to come back if you bait it with a margarita!

    1. Sounds just like an excuse to drink a margarita to me! But..... Like you really need a reason :-)
      Gorgeous moth!