Monday, November 12, 2018

It felt like cheating, but I'm ok with that

I've been known to take a few risks with my d-i-y projects, but I'm not an idiot,
so when the fan on the vaulted living room ceiling died last week,
I was compelled to call in professionals to replace it.

 Much better.
This one has a lower profile, hangs closer to the ceiling, and there's a switch on the remote control
to change the direction of the blades for summer and winter use –
no more standing on the top step of the ladder every season to move a switch.
I think I've entered my era of cautious living.

As long as the professionals were here, I guiltily let them handle
several other projects on my electrical to-do list. 
It felt like cheating, but I'm ok with that.
I don't like playing with electricity, or crawling around in the attic.
Sure, there would have been lots of blog fodder if I'd tackled these projects myself, 
but Alex will likely fill that void.
 So now I have one more recessed light in the kitchen, to illuminate
my usually empty pantry, but maybe I'll be more inspired to cook
now that I can better see what's in there.

 I've been loving my new festive lights on the back porch,
but plugging in an ugly orange extension cord to turn them on was getting old.

 Now there's an outlet in the porch ceiling, controlled by a switch in the house.
Much better.
 Then there was the sconce in my bedroom which needed to be moved
before I tackle the next big project, which I'm planning to do myself
but that may be overly ambitious. We'll see.
The first 10.5 months of retirement haven't gone exactly as planned
because I'm working almost as much as before, doing freelance jobs,
and haven't had time to tackle many of the d-i-y projects on my list.
But it's nice to have more income than I'd planned on, too, so there's that. 
Makes me feel a little less guilty about calling in the professionals.



  1. I hate having to call in professionals, too. It is stressful on many levels. Having said that, there are things, such as electrical issues, that are best handled by said professionals. It's nice that you were able to get several things done at the same time. They were able to get so many things done, and you did not have to get on a ladder. It's all good. Can't wait to see/hear about what you're planning next. Well done!

  2. For me, professionals are like all gets done without the stress and I still get a feeling of satisfaction of a completed project. Looking forward to your DIY project.
    Glad you are being safe! Lisa G in TN.

  3. I love all the things you had done - that new ceiling fan is gorgeous! And I love that outlet on the porch - wow. You’re inspiring me to call in an electrician for some of my own projects!!

  4. Well done. And I am positive Alex will provide ample escapades. A large part of retirement is learning to be good to yourself on a regular basis.

  5. To me, calling in the pros is something that signals "responsibility". Gotta take responsibility for the more important things in life. I your case, your safety!! Electrical is certainly nothing I would ever fool with. ~ Linda K.

  6. Thank you for not tackling the fan job, especially when you do not have visitors around to help (assist if an accidents). YAY you! for getting a cell phone. And 3rd, retirement doesn't happen over night for active people-I speak from experience. This will be a long post, you do not have to publish, but I lost your email add. 2 yrs ago, we moved from rural OR and 6 mo later I took a tumble resulting in a hip replacement. I think about you being so isolated and what if something happened to you. The cell ph. is good, if you have it with you ALL the time and able to get service. Idea...set up w/Ethel, or a neighbor, that there is contact/text by same time everyday. If you do not respond, then E calls neighbor, or neighbor comes to ck on you. 2nd: I retired 10 yrs ago and I saw myself doing the same adjustment I saw my active friends go through, in their first yrs of retirement. I was volunteering 3-4 times a week, then when I found that wasn't the 'answer', I got crazy doing crafts (thank you Pinterest). I think I have eased into retirement. I still go to the gym 3x/wk, but I don't have the drive to always be busy and I'm ok with it, somewhat. Love your posts. You are the one blog I ck everyday.

  7. Ooh love the fan and the light above the pantry!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the other side of your room.( I think you told me but I can’t remember) ugh
    The porch lights add so much ambiance, makes me want to do something similar.

  8. Electricity is a wonderful thing when it's working right. I try not to touch it. You can burn your house down if you make a mistake.

  9. I'm so relieved there's a limit for how far out on the limb you will go ...!

  10. "Blog fodder" cheered me up. All those goodies surely did you too!

  11. Glad you "cheated" -- everything got done and we did not have to think of you balancing a ladder on a table or anything like that. /Gretchen

  12. An American in Tokyo11/12/18, 6:37 PM

    I'm glad you left the electricity stuff to professionals! My Dad was a general contractor, but I still got nervous whenever he would mess with the electricity or gas! He still thinks he can fix anything, but it sometimes gets him into trouble.

    Can't wait to see what your big project is!!

    Love all the home improvements, especially the porch lights!

  13. May we discuss the object on top of your fridge? Please?

    1. That would be my favorite cow. I wrote about him long ago in this post: .

  14. Northern AB gal11/13/18, 10:54 AM

    Wow, I followed the links and reread about how you ended up at the 7MSN ranch. I either did not read all the posts previously or my memory has been playing tricks again, girl, I salute you! - you are one gutsy gal. I am in awe of all that you have accomplished in your life so far, although I am quite sure I don't remember the broken leg incident, is there a post about how you managed on your own during the healing process? Are you sure there isn't a book in you waiting to be written?? PS - although we all know you could have handled all these electrical jobs on your own, I'm happy that you called in the pros and got it all done at once!

  15. I don't think there's a post on the recovery from the broken-leg incident - it was pre-blog and happened when I was living at the ranchette before the ranch. I had a teenaged neighbor at the time, and she came over twice a day to do barn chores.

  16. Thank you for posting the links to what lead up to the 7MSN. I've been reading your blog for years, but had never heard the very beginning. Rebecca2

  17. So glad you used professionals for the electrical work! You got a lot done. When you live in the country its scary to attempt things that may cause fires or shock you.....especially if you are alone. It takes too long for help to arrive!
    By the way, I really miss your daily posts on your website. I know you wanted to slow down the posting and have moved to other venues, but even though I check twitter and Instagram, I don't enjoy the format nearly as much as reading on my laptop. Guess my age is showing....yikes!