Monday, September 24, 2018

Alex's family secrets revealed

What do you get when you mix a Boston Terrier, a Shih Tzu, 
a Siberian Husky, an Australian Cattle Dog and a Chihuahua?
You get Alex.

I received the results of Alex's Wisdom Panel canine DNA test yesterday: 

The biggest surprises to me were: 1) 0% pit bull and 2) 25% Siberian Husky?!
Then I started googling and learned about the tail of a Siberian Husky –
"curves upward in a sickle shape when excited or interested in something...
the tail can curl enough to touch the back."

Yep, I do believe the breed results are accurate.

The test also looked at genetic trait markers, which appear to be spot on, too,
except for the ear thing:

Leg length
Alex’s legs should be relatively long in length, based on this marker.

Ear carriage
As far as we can tell, Alex probably has perk or upright ears. 
This type of ear is recessive (which means you need a copy from each parent to show it).*
Common breeds with upright ears include German Shepherd, Chihuahua and Husky.
* Alex's mom has floppy ears so I think this might mean Alex's will stay floppy.

Alex does not carry any copies of the gene for ‘furnishings’ (which would give them 
a fuzzy beard and eyebrows). This means Alex probably has smooth, short facial hair.

Coat length and type
Alex’s coat is probably on the short side.

Coat color subtypes
Alex carries one copy of the gene for white spotting so might have a fair bit of white in their coat.

Coat color main possibilities
Alex appears to be mostly dark in color (either black or brown). 
Either that or they’ll have ‘tiger’ striping (called ‘brindle’). 
They also have the gene for a ‘mask’ pattern on their face. 

Who could have imagined that such an odd mixture of breeds
would result in such a perfect, say nothing of photogenic, dog? Not me.


  1. Love that smile. That's what matters! One happy dog! Denise

  2. Oh Alex, you Siberian Husky you XXXX

  3. she certainly got the photogenic gene.. she is beautiful

  4. Shih Tzu? I'll give 'em 4 out of 5, but I'm not seeing Shih Tzu. Ohhh. Wait a minute. There it is. His photo. His smile. It's just like the Shih Tzu!

  5. Those perfect little straight! She's so adorable. Love her.

  6. Love Alex's expressions. She really seems to have settled in and is doing well.

    I always wondered about the pit bull percentage. I just didn't seen it from the photographs.
    Alex's face just did not have the bull dog look (to me) and many dogs do stretch out with their hind legs extended.

    However, I would never have guessed Husky! and Shih Tzu!! Those are a surprise.

    Which makes you wonder about Alex's dad??
    Has anyone shared pictures of Alex's siblings?

    M in NC

    1. I haven't seen any pictures of her siblings, but I'm hoping for a reunion of the litter sometime this fall.

  7. Wow, it didn't take very long to get those results! I love your photo of Alex with all the breeds posted around her. Just can't figure out where the Shih Tzu fits in, but it doesn't matter. Alex is perfect as she is!

    1. I can see the Shih Tzu in Alex's mother - she was fairly low to the ground and had a longish coat.

  8. Actually, Alex's ears are upright (definition refers to the base). It's just that the tips flop over. Many puppies of upright ear breeds need a little help with tape for a week or so to help strengthen the tips to stand up. I had guessed about 50% Boston Terrier. Husky is surprising. Did you use Wisdom panel?

  9. Looks like the perfect pup to me....aside from the one laying across my lap at the moment.

  10. all the information. I find it all so interesting. Back in early September my guess was Boston Terrier as the first piece, but didn't imagine the rest. All have such wonderful traits! Lisa G in TN.

  11. Well, I'm blown away. We all could have guessed all year and not come up with such a scenario. Rebecca2

  12. Lovely, leggy girl she is. Firm believer that genetic stew makes for healthy pup. Daughter raised a wonderful beagle/cocker we mostly called Pook. She had more formal names. The cocker showed with fringes on her ears and feet and some fancy curly on the hind end. Otherwise soulful hound dog. She was fabulous at cutting her eyes (total Cleopatra liner) and lifting a portion of her lip to give The Elvis.

  13. They forgot to add she is 100% cutie pie.

  14. Alex, we think your one very cute little doggie. Love that gorgeous smile of yours. You are a wonderful combination of all these beautiful dogs. Looks like you are having such a fun time. Thanks for the share. Have a great rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  15. WOWZA! This knocked my socks off reading this. She is perfect.

  16. oh my gosh! so precious! I don't really see any of those but they sure came together for one amazing Alex. She has gone from worried look to "I am so happy and content and really cute" look!!! thanks for sharing


  17. Alex, we love your Shi Tzu smile!!

  18. Wow...very surprised! She is perfect and is going to be a good watchdog. Her little smile and those cute!

  19. And what sweet, sweet, sweet little teeth!

  20. She has the most important gene -- for an adorable face! That's what counts. The lab has gone PC to the point of confusion & comedy: "Alex carries one copy of the gene for white spotting so might have a fair bit of white in their coat." Whose coat? All of them? Whew, verbal gymnastics to avoid "her" or "his." Ick!

  21. An American in Tokyo9/24/18, 6:14 PM

    Awww, a cutie no matter what the DNA!! ;)

  22. Haha, this is great!! And Shih Tzu?!! This means she and Roxy are distantly related!
    Love how you wrote this post, by the way :-)

  23. Wow! That's quite a combination! I would love to have Bodie tested. He is 10 months old now...

  24. WoW How exciting. I just love them ears!

    Cath NWLMI

  25. The Wisdom Panel doesn't include "pitbull" as it is not a breed per se. The Boston Terrier marker is one that they specifically mention under their description of some of the breeds that share the markers others sometimes refer to as a pitbull. Here's the link to their explanation of why "pitbull" isn't included:

  26. Well now I know where those beautiful big round brown eyes came from . . . definitely a hallmark of the Shih Tzu! Quite a mix of breeds but it all adds up to one perfect dog . . . Alex!