Monday, August 27, 2018

Patti struts her stuff...for George

 Patti is a magnificent specimen of a chicken...

 right down to her fluffy feathered butt.

 She's been spending an ever-increasing amount of time
on this fence rail. Every night when I go out to tuck everybody in,
I find her perched here and have to carry her to the coop.
 I should mention that this is the fence rail that separates
the chicken pen from George's pen.

 I think Patti may have a crush on George, or at least his ears.

I won't be a bit surprised if one day soon she flaps those wings and jumps right onto his back.
I just hope my camera and I are there when she does.


  1. I still can't get over George with very short hair. I hardly recognize him.

  2. she really is beautiful and I hope you are there when she catches a ride on George.. quite the romance between a hen and a donkey

  3. She is a beauty. George looks pretty chill with the whole thing.

  4. It takes a red-headed woman, to get a dirty job done.
    Maybe George's ears need to be cleaned?

  5. Are you following Drinking With Chickens?

  6. May have done this twice. I don't blame Patti. I have a crush on George too. She is a pretty girl, as are her sisters. I love to take care of my neighbor's chickens -- they are like a bunch of sweet spinsters, gossiping sweetly as they gather around my feet.

  7. Yeah Patti! I often tell people that watching our three hens is like having a feathery fish tank. Very easy to zone out and relax watching them. The coop cleaning and dealing cranky broody hens not so much. Didn’t know about the DWC !

  8. That it too cute! Maybe she will pick of any ticks he might have on him.

  9. She is a beauty with a cute butt! Aww George, such a handsome guy.

  10. An American in Tokyo9/3/18, 8:35 PM

    Why don't you put Patti on George's back to see what she does?? ;)