Friday, June 1, 2018

Hockey night in New Mexico with Spike Jr.

There's a whole lot of hockey-watching going on here at the ranch.
The furniture has been rearranged for prime puck viewing.

Smooch is not a fan because as soon as the action starts, so too does 
the screaming and yelling and dancing around the living room.

While we're here, may I please direct your attention
to the plant atop the woodstove.

Here is that same plant in June 2014. 
Justina gave me a cutting from Spike, her aloe vera plant, just before
Morning Bray Farm moved to Virginia in late 2013.

2016 ... still alive.

2018 ... Spike Jr. is taking over the living room.

 I bought him another new pot, only to realize
I have no idea how to get all of him out of the old one,
so I stuck the old pot inside the new pot and there he shall remain.


  1. Clearly, Spike, Jr., is a very happy 'fALOE'! Never change a winning game, I always say. He's definitely got his drama going on, and it's spectacular!

  2. Happy plant! Or.... "Feed me Seymour" also comes to mind ; )

  3. oh so beautiful Smooch pic with shadow play and love the new Spike pot..

  4. Love your interior decorating groove. The floor, rug, ottoman, the textures and colors - georgeous.

  5. Excellent solution!

  6. you can divide Spike Jr and have Spike III.

    M in NC

  7. Smooch looks like she's ready to bolt for the other room. I can't blame her, dancing stick figures are scary.

  8. You can keep creating more Spikes or you can accept that they do not mind cozy quarters. I have one that my mother plopped into a small space more than a decade ago. Still alive. Not complaining, although sometimes the guilt weighs on me.

  9. That is a classically stunning portrait of Smooch! well done.

  10. maybe you could plant in a new pot just the part of the plant that is hanging out? anybody who could advise you on how to separate it from the main one?

  11. Please tell me how it is possible that I have been been unaware of your passion for hockey??! Seriously, even after 10 years, I continue to be surprised by your interests and hobbies. :-)
    Your dancing, cheering stick figure is a hoot (sorry, Smooch!) - judging from the enthusiasm, I’m guessing your team continues to do well?
    Spike Jr!! Wow, he’s amazing. Clearly, EVERYONE loves it at the 7MSN.... :-)

  12. An American in Tokyo6/5/18, 12:01 AM

    Wow, you are really good with plants!
    Almost all of mine have died except for the spider(?) plant I have that has two kids now! ha ha!

  13. Your father would be proud of you, Spike, Jr.! Spike III is alive and well in Virginia.