Friday, May 25, 2018


It's that time of year when every round object reminds me of a hockey puck.

I saw this puckset out my window Wednesday evening, during game 7 of 
the Eastern Conference Championship between the Washington Capitals 
and the Tampa Bay Lightning. I had announced to the hockey gods the previous day
that if the Caps won game 7, I would name my new puppy after the team's captain.
Well, the Caps won and have advanced to the Stanley Cup finals
and my puppy's name will be Alex because the last thing I'd want to do is
 upset the hockey gods and have the Caps start losing and it would be all my fault.
Anyway, Alex will receive her second round of puppy shots next week,
after which she'll be able to come home to us. 

p.s. She's much cuter than her namesake.


  1. I bet even he agrees that she's a doll. Go Caps!

  2. I like your rigorous and scientific method for naming the next love of your life. There is a certain common sideway look, I must admit...

  3. I saw your tweet and was thinking of you and how much you must be missing Hockey Steve with the Caps going to the Stanley Cup finals. /Gretchen
    P.S. - not a stalker, just have gone back and read your blog from the beginning a couple of times over the years, since first discovering it during your big medical adventure and revolving ranch sitters.

    1. My first thought was "how does this person know Hockey Steve!?!" Thanks for remembering him.

  4. I have a Pens fan and a Caps fan on my team at the office. Playoff season is a feisty time around here. Your Alex is adorable!

  5. I can' wait to see how Smooch feels about Alex and I hope she likes her better than Johnny Cash Cat.

  6. Personally, I would have gone with Fleury....just sayin! She sure is a cutie though.

  7. I took the title of the post to mean Puckset was her name... I'm afraid it might stick to me now. By Alex is fine too. Or just: OMG you're so cute!!!
    love from Amsterdam

  8. I think Alex is a good name for her, whatever the reason for it.

  9. not sure they don't look alike, same brown eyes, and where she has some white he has some brown and vice versa. but I admit she is a super cutie. one question: when you say hockey, it is always on ice?

  10. Our yorkie/chi puppy was named Chooch after the awesome catcher for the Phillies. Small but was in charge of everything around him. He is still the boss of us!

  11. An American in Tokyo5/27/18, 11:38 PM

    My pet finch is named after the baseball player, Ichiro!

  12. Can't you have a little video of this cute puppy before she is all grown up? they are so so sweet when learning the first things in their life, going through the first steps. At two months there are nearly teenagers