Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Ethel and Smooch go to the park...

...because we had an hour to kill until our next appointment.

Turns out, Smooch isn't much into playgrounds, but Ethel had fun.

 Today, Ethel and I will go to Albuquerque to visit the puppies and maybe maybe maybe
officially pick out the one that will be joining the family in four more weeks.

 On Friday, we'll be re-visiting the Crownpoint Navajo Rug Auction.
Meet us there if you're in the neighborhood!


  1. Ethel's in town !!!!

    Take lots of pictures at the Rug Auction.
    I loved the pictures from that post!

    M in NC

  2. Ooooh, Smoochie is not too sure about this playground thingy. Ok, possible new puppy verdict. I'm not holding my breath. See? I'm turning beet red but I'm not holding my breath. Or so little. I.. aaaaahhhhh

  3. Seems we missed Ethel's arrival, but happy she's there. Also, today is World Donkey Day. Kiss your .... donkeys. and all the other critters too.

  4. Did my last comment go through? I ask because the comment thingy is acting weird again :-/

    1. This is the only one I've seen. Blogger doesn't seem to play well with people on vacation.

  5. Yay! Ethel is in town :-)
    Try not to get into too much trouble! (LOL)

  6. An American in Tokyo5/8/18, 7:03 PM

    Oh, three gals having a wonderful time! Enjoy!

  7. Yayyy, Ethel is back in town! You two will have a ball! If I were more clever, I would have figured out a way by now to surprise you by showing up on your doorstep. Sadly, helicopter seems the only way to do this and my cleverness fails me here, lol.
    Puppy-picking day, oooooh! You will post asap if a decision like that is made, right??! :-)
    ps. If this comment makes it through, I’m back to being able to only post as anonymous again. Grrrrr

  8. #$#@%! blogger. Maybe your ipad still thinks it's in Germany.