Monday, April 23, 2018

The next big project

What in the hell is she doing this time?

Making something creepy, for sure.

I thought this was going to be a post about her next big project.
What's so big about sewing a sweater?

Now is it starting to make sense?

How about now?

After months and months of trying to talk myself out of getting another dog,
I have now talked myself into getting a puppy, because...
1. I cannot live one minute without a dog in my life.
2. Smooch isn't going to live forever, damnit.
3. Now is a good time for Smooch and I to train a puppy.

I found a litter of my preferred breed (mutt) through Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico.
Their mom, Sophie, was surrendered by her owner to a county animal shelter,
which contacted the rescue to see if they would take in a 30-pound dog
who was going to have puppies imminently.
The rescue said yes, and Sophie was placed in a foster home
just in time to give birth.

I met the puppies Saturday morning, when they were 3-1/2 weeks old,
and picked out two females. The foster mom will be keeping an eye
on their temperaments to see which one might be the best fit with Smooch.
I'll visit them again in a few weeks to make a decision,
then, assuming all goes as planned, which like never happens
and why am I even writing this all down and jinxing the whole damned thing?
Because there's no way I could keep it a secret and I thought you might enjoy the news.
 So if all goes as planned, sometime around the beginning of June,
the chosen one will be delivered to my doorstep by the foster parents.

Are you screaming yet? Because I am. I'm getting a puppy!

You might have been so focused on the puppies in the video that you missed seeing Sophie.
She's the one in the pink collar. The father is unknown, but given the size
of the puppies, the rescue folks believe they will grow to be 30 - 40 pounds.
(Smooch is 40 pounds.)

The next six weeks will be kind of busy around here.
There's a whole lot of puppyproofing to be done,
say nothing of shopping for puppy accessories.

The foster mom promises to send more video updates.
I hope you don't mind if I post them.


  1. My first thought was a new colorful cat bed. But, i'm so happy it's for a PUPPY! You show a lot of restraint by just getting 1 puppy. LOL i would want the mamma TOO. All though Smooch would probably give you the stink eye for a long time if you did that. He he he. Can't wait for more updates.

  2. Good for you Carson! Sweet little puppies ... another new chapter in your and Smooch’s life. ❤️

  3. Outstanding bed! Love the colors!

  4. I'm so glad, Carson! I have been fretting about what would happen when Smooch goes to her eternal reward (which hopefully won't be for years and years). Transition planning is essential with dogs. I hope Smooch enjoys imparting her wisdom to the wee one. /Gretchen

  5. It’s such a cute loud little bed! ( I really liked that sweater, ha ha) j/k
    Smooch will do good...with your guidance
    ( she does listen well) and they will be fine together. And I agree, Smooch is very healthy and still youngish so they can do zoomies in the yard together.

  6. Like Gretchen, I too wondered about what you would do for a walking companion (and Ranch patrol).
    A puppy sounds like a plan. Plenty of time for Smooch to install all the rules of being a good Ranch Dog/Guardian.

    I would be wearing that sweater and probably just check out LLBean dog beds or something similar.
    Depending upon the little claws, the sweater will probably get snagged and shredded in short order.

    Is there anyway to post some still photos?
    No access to Utube stuff.
    (how offended would Smooch be with another adult female? How about George and Alan?)

    M in NC


  8. Smiling! Have fun puppy prepping!!!

  9. This is good thinking. One of our previous dogs was getting old so we got a puppy. It turns out the young fry gave the old girl about two years extra time and gave her a lot of fun to boot!

  10. You're getting a PUPPYYYYYY!!!! Can't wait to see the new baby. Can't wait to see the new baby meet the family. oh boy oh boy!

  11. Fantastic news! Smooch will be a wonderful role model for the new pup!

  12. Oh how wonderful. I'm so happy for all of you at 7MSN. I'll be out here waiting for updates.

  13. Yay for puppies! You have the absolute perfect spot for raising a puppy. So happy for you and Smooch. Hopefully JCC will be equally as thrilled.

  14. what a super idea for a dog bed and i think it is wonderful to get a puppie, and i also think you should take Sophie plus a puppy....

  15. Puppy breath like new car smell only lasts a short time, love both! Enjoy and post all the pictures you can!

  16. Oh my goodness! Such sweetness! Our dog, Ripley, will be 11 in September and hubby FINALLY mentioned that he would like to get another dog (after she is gone)...I would prefer a mutt myself (like Ripley)...we shall see.

  17. Michelle from Vancouver4/23/18, 8:47 AM

    Awesome news ! Can't wait

  18. More puppy videos?! Yes, please! How exciting for you - congratulations!
    And the puppy bed is GENIUS.

  19. The bed is pretty but might get snaggy. Puppy claws are sharp! Congratulations on your new pup. Why not adopt both pups? That will keep Smooch on her tippypaws! I feel the same way as you about always wanting a dog around. Our 16 year old dog was fading and we adopted a puppy. Old dog quickly taught pup to look up to her and no shenanigans.

  20. Sweet! See if they will let you give them a old shirt that you have worn for a few days and held Smooch. It will help the puppy acclimate to you easier as it will have already been smelling your scents. Same thing with giving them a towel to put with the puppies and then put it in Smooches bed. It will help Smooch too. That's special that you are getting two puppies!

  21. Smooch will enjoy having a two to one dog to cat ratio! Big smiles behind the serious puppy training face I'm sure.

  22. "Mind" if you posted more videos/pictures of puppies???!!!! I think not! The more the merrier I say. Speaking of which.....why not take BOTH puppies? ;-)
    ~ Linda K.

    1. Lots of folks are making this suggestion so I'd best explain my reasoning for just one: two animals who arrive at the same time/same age are likely to leave around the same time/same age. I learned that lesson the hard way and would rather not put myself through that again.

    2. before they will be getting old, you will adopt another one like now

    3. I thought you were making a nice bed for Johnny to lay next to Smooch!

    4. I understand completely. We had 2 cats and 1 dog all leave within a year and a half of each other. It was hard. But, we are gluttons for punishment and reached out to AZ Schnauzer Rescue and got two litter mates. I wanted to 2 to keep each other company when we aren't around and wanted 2 that had been bonded so as not to break the bond. Then, I thought I would foster for AZ Schnauzer Rescue (no fosters in Tucson, have to go to Phoenix), but thought better of it. I would end up the crazy Schnauzer lady! As if being the crazy Octopus Agave lady was enough! I look forward to the upcoming stories of life with a puppy.

      Linda D.

  23. They're so cute!. Congrats on the puppy to be.

  24. Ohmygosh, this is SO exciting. That puppy bed is absolutely adorable. Poor Smooch, she has no idea that amount of love and puppy exuberance that is about to head her way! lol

  25. I think it is much wiser to get one pup, unless they are livestock guardian dogs, whereas a pair is often a good idea. My litter (well actually my Bess' litter!) of Maremma pups just turned six weeks, but when I was teaching them to eat at three weeks, I picked up the whole pup and dipped their noses in the food, which worked great! Your pup's mom is obviously not the least bit selfish, as even though Bess is the best of moms, if I had her in with the pups' food, she would have scarfed it right down!! Your pups look like they have some border collie in there! Border collies are great!!!! I wish you the very best with your new pup and with the transition of Smooch learning about the arrival of the pup.

  26. So very exciting!!!I was thinking that you needed a new pup when you said how old Smooch was and I was concerned what you would do without her one day. Smooch has to teach her about snakes!!
    We had two of the best dogs ever that were almost the same age. Teddy went to heaven just over four years ago and Daisy went to be with him last year. Haven't been able to bring myself to get another one...but that day will come and we will rescue one.
    Your new girl has hit the doggie lottery!!!
    Lisa G in TN

  27. Congratulations! Puppies are not for me. I much prefer the older versions. Good that you are planning ahead. Even though puppies are not for me, I do love watching them. So, please do post away!
    Linda D.

  28. Oh yes, do this to me, Linda, just as Marigold kitty's arthritis is getting so bad she is barely able to walk. One good thing is that the medicine that Bon (daughter, vet tech) found for her is so delicious that the little pill gets gobbled up almost before Daddy (our "can't pill a cat" man) gets it to her lips! We were saying if the makers of ONSIOR (robenacoxib) made all cat meds this tasty, the kitties wouldn't suffer much at all. At least Marigold is still doing the "big four" and seems to just sleep almost all day. You know about the "No Vacancy" sign over our barn, don't you? Those who leave this earth pull the cord so it says "Vacancy" and either the stray black longhair who is hanging around is invited in or I have go go sit with kittens at the ASPCA. I'm so proud of you! sniff...

  29. An American in Tokyo4/24/18, 12:36 AM

    WOW!! A PUPPY!! Smoochie-poo is going to be a (foster) Mommy!!
    HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I sure missed a lot being sick with the flu...)

  30. That there is one damn lucky puppy!

  31. More puppy pictures! Who wouldn't want that?

  32. A puppy?! You lucky duck!
    Our Saint the good shepherd is 11 1/2 now and still acts like a youngster but is also just starting to be a little stiff on occasion. Mr Shoes & I have talked about when will be the right time to bring in a puppy for Saint to help train, but surely she has many more good years left. Maybe in 2020, we think. In the meantime, I am so excited for your next puppy videos!

  33. How did I miss this post?! I'm so happy for both you and Smooch!

  34. Congratulations, mama! We're so excited and happy for you and Smooch!!! Can't wait to meet her soon. xxoo