Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sell by 04-30-93

I just did the math and realized had I waited a few more months to purge the kitchen,
these parsley flakes would have lived to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Oh, well.

Kipper's guess of 10/2/1992 came the closest. Thanks, everyone, for playing along.
Kipper, email me at the7msn at gmail dot com with your mailing address.


  1. Dangit, I just realized today that the Safeway logo on your parsley was the old 80s design. Sometime in the 90s they updated it, right? So early 90s should have been my guess.

  2. i thought my pain pills from 2002 were old. i just purged meds and had 3 baskets that everything it is was expired more than 3 years.

  3. Oh, that's funny....I was going to say in the 90's but thought it was too old...LOL
    should have gone with my first guess.
    Love from NC

  4. Did you bring the parsley with you when you moved 7MSN?

    1. Yes, it was purchased in Alexandria, Virginia, probably in 1991.

  5. Did you buy more parsley flakes?

  6. WOW, that’s older then I imagined! Good contest and congratulations to Kipper!

  7. I knew you brought that jar with you to the ranch. Poor parsley, neglected and abandoned.

  8. I was going to go with what was in my own stinkin' pantry...but my parsley flakes pre-dated expiration dates, and they were the color of ash. Guess I need to purge the pantry...only I'm scared.m