Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ranch Journal ~ January 24, 2018

I woke up with one goal for the day: purge the refrigerator of items past their prime, then clean it.

But first I had to drink coffee and read the news, and there among the awfulness was an article called "10 things in your home you never clean – but should" and down the rabbithole I went.

I didn't even make it through thing 1 (ceiling fans) when I saw a link for a book called "Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master" and veered off into an adjacent rabbithole. Surely the book would tell me the correct way to clean my refrigerator, so I bought the downloadable edition.

I'd barely started on the kitchen chapter when a freelance job came in, which saved me from having to do anything resembling cleaning for the next few hours.

By mid-afternoon, I'd run out of excuses and finally opened the freezer door to start the purge.

How does this even happen? I always intend to give the leftovers to the chickens, but nine bags of stale bread, dating back to January 2017, managed to hide from me. So I stopped to look up recipes for making croutons, and by then it was almost time to feed the boys their dinner, so there was no point in continuing to clean the refrigerator now. Tomorrow's another day.

I expect this pattern of 'going with the flow' is the new normal. I'm liking it, and so are the animals.


  1. I am amused. This is my life.

    Laurie in NB Canada

  2. to funny, when i retired in 2006 i found the longer i was retired the less i did, the same reason your day went like it did with this post. i always think, i will do this tomorrow or next week.. enjoy your retirement and this means you will never be bored or run out of projects

  3. You date the bread?
    Or can you still read the almost invisible stamp on the bag?
    I have a hard time finding it when the bread is on the shelf.

    I tend to clean the fridge in sections.
    A spill happens or enough stuff has been removed so I can get to a shelf or cubby.

    I have been staring at two ceiling fans lately.
    They will need tackling before the warm weather returns.

    I checked the library and they don't have the cleaning book available.
    Waiting for your review :)

    M in NC

    1. I don't date my bread, I date my refrigerator. I know, a boyfriend would probably be better, but what I mean is, I bought the refrigerator in January 2017 and it hasn't been cleaned since. Please don't tell anyone.

  4. When you are retired you learn that projects can string out for a reasonable period of time. Rabbit holes are adventures. Alan certainly does not look neglected. He glows :)

  5. You're living the dream. No deadlines for cleaning freezers. The retirement life is good! Just ten years (ugh) and I too can live that dream!
    Enjoy!!! ~ Linda K.

  6. Ha-ha! You need to share your cleaning tips with us. I'm afraid to look into the depths of my garage freezer...

  7. I make lists and eventually get everything done...sometimes that day, week or next.
    But it is so easy for me to start many projects all over the house.
    The chickens will be thrilled!

  8. I'm thinking that bread is better chicken feed than crouton ingredient, at least that half dating from mid last year and back! Isn't it weird that bread stays relatively "viable" without moulding like it used to?
    I'm so glad you can't see the blades on the ceiling fans in my little house where the kitties live! They have fur fringes and that place has such high ceilings that someone's going to have to hold the ladder when I go up there.
    Your retirement is both inspiring and exhausting!

  9. When I worked I made lists, crossed off items till it was all done, every day. Since retiring...well...I chase things down rabbit holes, up trees, through black holes, & a whole lot hasn't been accomplished. I sit down to answer a mind-numbing email from someone, and looking up their reference, come upon an irresistable article about, say, laser-measuring Egyptian pyramids, which leads to this, then to that, and before I know it, it's nap time! Whew, I need one after all that work!

  10. Oh, gosh, Carson! I've been retired for 1 1/2 years now and I STILL haven't cleaned out my fridge! Hubby throws out stuff every now and then, however. If I were to clean OUR HOUSE, it would take 10 years! Back to journal making now...:-)

  11. sounds like a perfect retired day. I collect old bread too, eventually I find I find it buried in the back of the fridge, decide if it is still edible, and toss it outside for the creatures. Something eats it overnight, so enjoy the snack creatures!

  12. It’s possible we are living in parallel universes. :)

  13. what a gorgeous boy this Alan!

  14. An American in Tokyo1/25/18, 10:51 PM

    What a nice life, especially when you have a little freelance work to provide some allowance for you!

    I have never really cleaned my fridge, although I do purge the old food from time to time!

  15. After years of keeping a rigid schedule, isn’t retirement meant to be free and easy day after day?
    Pat in east TN

  16. I was about to write a witty reply here but my cat, Teddy, has decided he needs attention ... and there are four books sitting on my desk waiting to be opened ... after I get the chores done ... between petting donkeys and talking to chickens ... at which point it might be time to read your next post! ;)

  17. Yes, welcome to the World of The Retired. As Laurie W said so well, time expands and contracts in entirely different ways when your time is your own. I’m trying to have less “Should” and “Must” in my life and a little more “So what?”

  18. Don't leave great croutons sitting in old bags. Every couple weeks... take the bread slices out... cut them into nice cubes (for snacking as well as topping soups so I like mine about one inch big ) .. put them in a deep bowl and add a drizzle of olive oil..a shake of salt and pepper to taste and I like some oregano and basil as well. Stir them around a bit. Then, toss them onto a baking tray and put them into your oven. Turn on the heat to about 350 ...and, set a timer for about 8 to 10 minutes! By the time it gets up to heat they will almost be toasted. But, if you like them a bit crisper or almost browned... set a time again for just a few more minutes. I talk about the timer just so you don't ruin your lovely croutons. Like me, you will probably start to cut up bread slices long before they go stale once you get a hankering for these wonderful croutons as snacks ....