Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Every which way but here

I took these pictures within a minute of each other yesterday. 

It was raining to the east.

It was raining to the south.

Over to the west...more rain.

And to the north, even more rain.

Overhead, blue skies and a few wispy clouds.
Some day it will be our turn.


  1. Anne Boleyn8/1/17, 7:11 AM

    Doing a rain dance for you at the same time I do one for this neck of the woods!

  2. So it is in the Desert. Years ago, I was in Massachusetts for the first time and scheduled to go to Boston, sightseeing. It was raining so I suggested driving North instead. They all laughed at my "funny joke." It was raining EVERYWHERE! Who knew?

  3. yesterday was most certainly our turn. Yikes. We got 1.5" in under two hours. Our streets in our neighborhood were up to the curb. The lower part of my back yard looked like a pond. But that is the first rain we have had since May.

  4. Same for us here in central Texas. Drought conditions and triple digit temps with high humidity...miserable.

  5. Most likely you will get a ton all at once. Road not fit for driving. All that jazz of short duration.Great pictures.

  6. Dang dang dang. Aunt Jean

  7. An American in Tokyo8/1/17, 5:47 PM

    Strange weather!!

  8. Oh, how I love a good summer storm. But our chances are slim to none here. Love the pics!

  9. we got alot of rain in Austin TX on 08/07/17. that last picture looks like a heart...