Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday encore ~ She never met a flower she didn't want to eat

This encore post is from August 2, 2016.


 My garden this year consists of four pots of geraniums and petunias 
and two pots of tomatoes. 

I occasionally treat the chickens to supervised visits in this area.
They seem to enjoy the change of scenery.

Look who isn't broody anymore! After nine weeks of self-imposed
imprisonment in the nesting box, Peach finally gave up on the idea of motherhood.

Geraniums are my favorite garden plants, if for no other reason than
they're relatively hard to kill. Also, I like their flamboyance
in this otherwise understated environment.

Mrs. Hughes photobombs the geraniums.

Me: Don't even think about it.

Mrs. Hughes: Think about what?

Lady Mary: You always have to spoil it for the rest of us.
Now we're going to lose our garden privileges.

Mrs. Hughes: Kiss my fluffy ass.

Lady Mary: See? I told you we'd get kicked out.


  1. Northern AB gal7/22/17, 5:57 AM

    Love the pics and the commentary on this post, made me laugh, perfect way to start my day. Thank-you!

  2. Ditto Northern AB gal. Here, the geraniums are Winter time color. Loved that fluffy tail, Mrs. Hughes.

  3. these girls are gorgeous from front to back! do you still have tomato plants? (By the way have you seen this old TV serie called the Mentalist? Just discovered it, and like very much!)

  4. Greats pics and close-ups! Ha ha they are a trip!

  5. Love the shot of Mrs. Hughes!! Having just started with my own mini flock of seven chickens I was enchanted to see 'hens' can have large combs. One of my favourites here, Goldie, is developing a large comb and I was fearful for her that it was the beginning of telltale rooster signs. Thank you for sharing your animal antics!

  6. I LOVE Mrs. Hughes! She has gotspe!

  7. Hehe, hens with attitude! :D

  8. Mrs. Hughes is a riot. Missed this one first time around. Love it.