Thursday, July 6, 2017

Four more reasons to drive to Albuquerque

A few years back, I found three reasons to drive to Albuquerque 
(more specifically, to Trader Joe's): 
Meyer Lemon Cookies, Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread, and French Roast Coffee. 
I've since broadened my horizons and added four more reasons 
to make the trek to my favorite store:

The Key Lime Tea Cookies are a seasonal item, available only in summer, 
which is a tragedy because I could eat them every day of the year. And then some.

Don't judge me because I buy wine in a box. This stuff is very drinkable.
For those of us who do not enjoy the convenience of curbside trash pickup, 
the box is infinitely easier to dispose of than the equivalent four glass bottles. 
I should also mention that it costs a whopping $13.
A sommelier would likely turn up their nose at it but not me.
The boxes come in three varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.
I'll interrupt this paragraph to recommend a book about wine:
"Cork Dork" by Bianca Bosker. It's very entertaining, 
highly educational and often hilarious.

Then there are the spice blends...oh my. I put the "Everything But the Bagel" blend
on everything (including the bagel) except for margaritas.
For those, I use the "Chile Lime" blend to salt the rim of the glass. Tasty!




  1. I highly recommend TJ's "Triple Almond Cookies" next time you get to the Big City. I'm not usually a crunchy cookie fan, but after buying tubs of these for a friend, I tried one. Oh my. I'm hooked. Now, if only there were a TJ less than 2 hours away!

    1. can't you order them through internet?

    2. Joy, I will certainly give the Triple Almond Cookies a try.
      Carine, tragically, TJ's does not offer online shopping.

  2. You need to add Trader Joes Salsa Verde.So good I could just eat it with a spoon!
    Or try it with a Trader Jose Beer!
    Lisa G in TN

    1. Two more items for my next trip. Thanks!

  3. Which begs the question...How much do you buy? Just one of each, or stock up. Those key lime cookies make me wish for a Trader Joe's near me

    Emily in NC

    1. I stock up on everything except the cookies. Resistance is futile and they'd all be gone in a week.

  4. As a regular Trader Joe's shopper (since it's really the one good large grocery store in my town) I have some other reccomendations. Sadly, the first two are seasonal.
    1. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread/Muffin Mix. Admittedly, I am a baking snob and generally turn up my nose at mixes, but I wait and dream about this mix until October each year.
    2. Trader Joe's Spiced Apple Cider. No words. I've been drinking this since I was a kid and my autumns would no longer be complete if I didn't have it.
    3. French Berry Lemonade. Not sure how well this would survive a trip back to the ranch as it is carbonated and in a glass bottle, but I would not be above sitting in the parking lot drinking it by myself.
    4. Woodfired Sicilian Style Pizza. Well worth bringing a cooler along and made even more delicious by adding goat cheese yourself before sticking it in the oven.
    5. Mango Lemonade. Best thing ever just by itself or cut 50/50 with sparkling water.

    1. #1 and #2 - More reasons to look forward to fall!
      #3 - I'll join you in the parking lot.
      #4 - Have cooler, will travel.
      #5 - I usually turn up my nose at anything mango but mixed with lemonade? Maybe.

  5. Many Trader Joe's items can be found on the internet. OH AMAZON! Yes they have the Key lime cookies, everything but the bagel, and chili lime seasoning. Sadly, they did not have their Margarita mix with the booze in it. We mixed it up with some Grand Marnier, put it in these push pop baggies, and then froze them. They made some wonderful adult push pops for Fourth of July.


    2. Oh bummer. The prices on Amazon are kind of crazy (e.g., in the store, the spice blends are $2.99, I think). a pinch.

  6. I love Trader Joe's! I often complain that it is not closer to me (45 minutes away). Now, I won't complain knowing how far you have to go. I will add some of my go to items to your list:

    Triple Ginger Cookie Thins
    Joe Joe's (I really like the Gluten Free version)
    Free Trade coffee (Free Trade anything, really)
    TJ's ethnic foods
    And most importantly the Alkaline Water + Electrolytes. In the desert of Southeast Arizona, it is my go to drink. I could not survive without it during the Summer!

  7. We like boxed wines and see nothing negative about them. I also like Trader Joes but don't get there often enough

  8. Ah, the fabulous South Australia Shiraz. My personal fave is a drop called Pepper Jack, but only in bottle I'm afraid.And, yes, sometimes i buy in cask, too.

  9. An American in Tokyo7/6/17, 11:26 PM

    You know, you can freeze the cookies...just sayin'. ;)

    I'll have to look into some of those items you and others mentioned above on my next trip to Trader Joe's! I only wish I knew when I went in May. I think my next trip will be next May...sigh...

  10. That box was my first purchase after my last visit, love that stuff! I must try the cookies, haven't found any I didn't like.

  11. Just back from Trader Joe's after adding a lot of these things to my shopping list (already hooked on the wine and the seasonings since my visit to 7MSN). Damn! No more Key Lime cookies till next summer!