Friday, July 14, 2017

A tenth-of-an-inch miracle

I hadn't intended to take the week off from posting pictures, 
but I can't post them if I don't take them.
My camera has sat on the shelf for days because
the relentless heat and dryness has left me uninspired.

Then a tenth-of-an-inch miracle occured last evening...

...and all was right with the world, or at least my little patch of it anyway.

I could see a double rainbow from end to end across the eastern sky,
but no matter how far into the pasture I ran, I couldn't fit it all into one frame.
So hold the picture above in your mind, then scroll down 
and imagine you're looking left to right.

How nice of the ravens to join us.

George's ass is no pot of gold, but it'll do.


  1. A rainbow is the perfect end to a magical rainstorm, especially where you live. While we get rain frequently (temperate rain forest in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee), I still relish the rains, especially after our drought and firestorms last year. What I don't relish, or pickle either, is the humidity. That dog don't hunt.

  2. I love the rainbow!

  3. Awesome shots of a jaw dropping beautiful rainbow!
    SO hot, SO humid here ... simply miserable and yep, so uninspired. 🙁🙁🙁

  4. That's cool how you got the rainbow on the donkeys

  5. I'm 62, and I've only ever seen one complete double rainbow. It was in Hawaii, on the Hana Highway. I'll never forget special. Thanks for sharing yours.

  6. There was a double in Boston ten years ago. So rare, it made the front page of the Globe!

  7. Glad you got some rain been to damn hot for most of us.7MSN looking good!

  8. Wow beautiful! We had double one a couple weeks ago but my sky is much smaller than yours and couldn't see much of it let alone the ends...
    So glad it rained!

  9.'re saying rainbows come out of George's ass? ;-D Yup tried to get whole double rainbows in my lens several times. Just can't happen in big sky country. However, I've seen little rainbows in odd places, sometimes even round ones. Rainbows are just magic. Never want them explained by a scientist--ever. Happy for your tenth-of-an-inch miracle.

  10. Ouch ... it sure has been hot down your way. Strange how the internet makes you seem close ... but our totally opposite weather systems point out the distance. We've been having a cold rainy summer. And yes, I mean cold! Temperatures of 53'F have been the norm - and it is JULY! I know I'm in Canada ... but honestly ... we do not normally have igloos in the summertime! There was a hail storm a week ago that left so much 'snow' around a friend in the next town over made a snowman with her granddaughter ... in July! It lasted two days before it melted. Glad that your break in the heat came with a double rainbow. And that was true gold you found at its end! ;)

  11. I bet that was a welcome relief...kind of like us Northern Californians (Southerners didn't get any)last winter praying so hard for rain, then it came and would not shut off for months. We kind of need that to happen again. At least for half a day. Happy Friday. Beautiful pictures!!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing this miracle with us!!

  13. Beautiful light in those pictures.

  14. Wow. What gorgeous photos. Absolutely beautiful.

    Linda D. in Tucson

  15. An American in Tokyo7/17/17, 8:56 PM

    All the shots are great!!
    I love the birds flying, where you can see light between the feathers!!
    Nice rainbow to end the day!!