Friday, June 30, 2017

Random barn portraits

Without a winter coat on his face,
George looks like a new man burro.

 See what I mean?

Lucy's wondering if I'll ever take down Lyle's stall sign.
(Sorry, hon', it stays.)

I call this one "Cheeky."

"Circle of friends"


  1. Wow what a difference in George! Very handsome. Lucy loves her hugs...and I love Cheeky :-}

  2. Very sweet, especially the cheeky one.

  3. Every time I think I've seen my favorite of your posts something like this happens. This is my new favorite (except for the lack of Smooch, Alan andJCC of course).

  4. The difference between winter and summer coats is dramatic!!! It must take hours and hours to groom all three of them each summer, but the end result looks so much cooler! Best wishes to you all.

  5. Wow what a difference! How slimming. I wish that would happen to me with my extra winter padding. Happy Friday!

  6. Love your circle of friends shot. And I can never get enough of the faces of your sweet burros.

  7. Love them all. Everyone here is slicking out quite nicely, too.

  8. George is not Old Man Winter anymore. So sleek. Great pics. Thank you.

  9. An American in Tokyo7/2/17, 6:01 PM

    I like "Summer George"!
    Actually, I prefer most all animals in the summer as opposed to winter. Maybe it's my allergies! ha ha!
    The last picture is quite cute!

    PS - We are expecting a week of high humidity and over 100F temperatures. I hope you are staying cool!

  10. Circle of friends... butts.. waiting for a scratch presumably. :D

  11. Georges winter face looks like the humidity that comes around. He is a handsome dude.
    They are all adorable.