Thursday, June 8, 2017

Nature's tiny surprises

I poked my lens into one of the blooming yuccas and learned all sorts of new things,
with the assistance of Professor Google, of course.

At first I thought these ladybugs must have faded from the desert sun.
Wrong. Apparently, when the adult ladybug emerges from the pupa stage,
it's rather pale, then turns bright red as it gets older.

So the little red patches on this teenaged ladybug are not acne –
she's simply aging.
Click on the photo to enlarge.

I'd always heard that ladybugs were good for gardens because they eat aphids.

I guess these must be aphids.


  1. Well, those ladybugs better get busy!

  2. Seems like with that rock concert of aphids going on, there would be more ladybugs happening, too...

  3. yes, that's a huge aphid/avid meal!

  4. I think you need to collect more ladybugs and bring them to the party.

  5. Hopefully the ladybugs are hungry and I hope they invite some friends. Betsy

  6. An American in Tokyo6/8/17, 5:53 PM

    I feel like I learned a lot today!
    I always feel lucky when I see a ladybug, especially when they land on me!
    Aphids, yuck!