Thursday, June 1, 2017

Caught in the catnip

 Until Aunt Anne came to visit,
the feral beast had never experienced catnip...

 ...because I'm a bad mom and assumed he didn't need toys
with all the rodents, lizards and various other creatures he has to play with.

So I was wrong.

JCC: Save me from this life of deprivation.


  1. Ha ha...he is in heaven. The look on his face.

  2. Johnny is a happy cat. Just a little drugged out. Our two cats had opposite reactions to catnip. Jag would race around like a maniac. Smokey would roll around like JCC. Obviously most of the time he needs to have his wits about him to do his job. But, this looks like fun.

  3. The poor boy had an impoverished catnip childhood! Good thing Aunt Anne fixed that. He is hilarious! Nothing like getting thoroughly stoned to start the day.

  4. I love his kangaroo position! cats love toys, with or without catnip, little balls is the favourite of my cat. he loves to hide them in his secret spots. catnip will be most effective for JCC if you dont leave it with him but give it from time to time

  5. Oh Bliss! I think Johnny just created a new yoga pose - the Catnip pose. Happy cat!

  6. I didn't know grown cats like to play with toys until we had a younger cat, I got some toys for her and the older ones also played with it. They never get too old to play it seems. It's fun to watch an older cat playing. It warms my heart

  7. Anne Boleyn6/1/17, 6:48 PM

    You taught me to crochet (well, sort of), and I taught your cat about getting stoned. Win Win.

  8. An American in Tokyo6/7/17, 5:48 PM

    Omigosh, he is LOVING it!!! ha ha ha!!!