Thursday, April 20, 2017


The first time I saw a raven flying overhead with a great big egg in his mouth,
I wrote it off to my active imagination. 

The second time I saw a raven flying overhead with a great big egg in his mouth,
I felt sorry for the poor mother bird who left her nest unattended.

Then I saw a great big egg on the ground just behind my barn
with a raven-beak-sized hole in it.

It takes a very clever and brave raven to waltz into my chicken coop
and steal eggs from the nesting boxes.

I suppose I should be thankful that the raven is stealing the eggs and not the chickens.


  1. Had no idea they were such thieves.

  2. Makes me wonder where the chickens are laying eggs that the raven can easily find. You know how they are. Here a stash, there a stash. I don't believe there is a raven alive that could take on one of the chickens ;)

  3. Years ago, we moved out into the desert and my husband would practice hitting golf shots out into the desert. He would periodically round them up. He started complaining that "someone" was stealing his golf balls. One day he spotted a Raven pick up one of his golf balls. They cleaned him out over a period of sometime, before finally deciding that the golf balls were not edible, and they stopped picking them up.

    1. a crow stole 3 really large glass marbles from a planter, my sister said maybe they were decorating their nest

  4. It's why you see them in the sky with the tiny birds chasing them. They are entrepreneurs...

  5. I once saw a raven carrying what looked to be a full and very heavy McDonalds bag. Thos birds have chops!

  6. An American in Tokyo4/20/17, 6:07 PM

    Wow! I would have never guessed!
    I guess they are not afraid of JCC or Smooch or else found a stash in a safe place?!

  7. If you're nice to them maybe they'll start bringing you presents!

  8. Oh no! I thought it might be them instead of the squirrels....but who knew?!

  9. Wow. Sounds like you need to stake the place out with a pellet gun. Or get your eggs earlier.