Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday encore ~ Spring cleaning the dog

This post is from April 2016. 


Smooch sheds twice a year. This is one of those times. 


  1. Smooch I enjoyed your bath as much as you did. laughed all the way through... Jake does the same things, but no brushing needed.

  2. Question re space/time continuum: I read your blog every day. How did I miss this one? Aunt Jean

  3. Squeaky clean Smooch! Wish I had a three person shower...I could wash my two crazies.

  4. this was so much fun! Smooch is a star! I laughed my butt off! boy, that girl can kick up some dust,she's fast! love that she has her own room dedicated to her drying. :) you're such a good mom. :) our Roxy has been shedding like crazy and we use a furminator on her as well. all of our pups are in need of a bath.
    happy Saturday!

  5. Dear Smooch, I wish you would talk to Pia and Bella for me. They have long coats and do NOT cooperate for brushing AT ALL!

  6. I love how she neede that run in between - just run off any stress!
    That's one great dog!
    Els from Amsterdam

  7. I'm with Aunt Jean, how did I miss this one before. Love it. Thanks for sharing Lisa G in TN

  8. An American in Tokyo4/11/17, 6:24 PM

    I don't remember seeing this before!?!?
    I love the silly things doggies do after a bath!!
    She's so cute how she rubs on the bed!!

    She seems like she doesn't mind the shower as much as the brush?