Friday, April 28, 2017

Just one look

This is the look I get on the very rare occasion that I leave the ranch – and Smooch –
for the better part of a day. 

Excuse me while we now go for a walk to assuage my guilt.


  1. Ooooh yes, that look they give ... Wally can really make us feel SO guilty too. Guess it because we don't leave him often or for very long, plus we always explain to him where we're going and why ... hahaha, like that makes any difference, but it sure makes us feel a little better.

  2. She is seriously disappointed.But also relieved that you came back.

  3. I have a black lab who is nearly 10 years old. She now suffers from separation anxiety. Two summers ago, when we were in your state, I got a phone call that someone down the street found her! She ripped apart our wooden 6' gate and got out. We were 8 hours from home! I asked them to stuff her back into the yard and to barricade the gate with our trash cans, which that kind person did. Needless to say, it was a quick ride home! She cannot bear to be out of my sight now.

  4. She knows she has Ranch Guard duty while you are snoozing in the sunroom ;-)
    And you always make it up to her.

  5. I love the "Well it's about time!" expression. Sandy in Calif.

  6. so that's the I miss you, but I'm mad at you look. :)
    kisses to that sweet face..

  7. An American in Tokyo4/30/17, 6:18 PM

    Oh Smoochie-poo!!
    Please give her a hug and a treat from me!! =)