Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday encore ~ Lucy brings home a cow with a bad toupee

This encore post is from March 2016.


Several rides ago, Lucy and I happened upon a recently deceased cow.
We returned to the scene over the weekend, hoping that the skull would still be there,
(and that it wouldn't be too ripe) so that we could bring it home.


The cow with the bad toupee will remain in the garden until the sun bleaches it white.

I'm surprised Johnny was willing to get so close.
It smells like steak, but not in a good way.

p.s. Ethel and I brought the rest of the cow home in the Ranger a few months later:


  1. I had a pretty good laugh at the title of this post.

  2. Have you ever seen "Summer Days" , the painting by Georgia O'Keeffe? she too kept collecting skulls when she lived in the Sonoma desert

  3. Poor Lucy, the things she does for love.