Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Because every badass needs a scar to prove it

Alan fancies himself a real badass. 
Until recently, he's lacked the street cred.

Then George took a chunk out of his ear.
I doubt it was intentional – more a matter of
wrong place, wrong time for Alan's ear.

It looked pretty gnarly at first but has healed nicely, save for a new notch. 
All those times I kissed it to make it better must have helped.

George: I could even that up, if you'd like.


  1. I think Alan is thinking 'ear for an ear'! He has a little scheming look on his cute face.

  2. He is so proud of his scar. Sweet little guy.

  3. Maybe George wanted Alan to look like a feral cat, proof he's been neutered. If I were George I'd be watching my back/ears. Payback.

  4. Poor Alan, that must have really hurt. George, don't you dare!

  5. I often look at your pictures - your lack of snow - the green in the bushes in the background - and think ... 'ohhhh ... warmth!' THEN today I notice your gloves and sleeve ... NOT WARM! I agree with 'Anonymous' .. Alan has something brewing in his noggin' for revenge. Look out George!

  6. Aww, poor Alan... no Donkey Vogue for him :-/
    It's all in the eyes anyway

  7. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
    Street cred... Love it.

  8. Michelle from Vancouver3/8/17, 10:04 AM

    Boys and their scars. My hubby's 54 and just waits for the moment someone asks him about his scars?!!

  9. Ouch! But it healed up nicely!

  10. An American in Tokyo3/8/17, 5:30 PM

    Ouch! Ouch!