Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday encore ~ A trip to the mailbox during winter

This video is from January 12, 2015. 
I'm very happy to report that the weather this winter, so far, hasn't been nearly as challenging. 


  1. I can see why UPS doesn't bring it to your door! That road during bad weather could take the shine off living wild and free.

  2. we enjoyed the ride. :)

  3. Michelle from Vancouver1/7/17, 11:40 PM

    Is that road private for your ranch ? Or does it go to other ranches?
    That was a crazy ride !!

    1. About a dozen ranches use that road, which is actually maintained by the county...once or twice a year.

  4. Ooh I remember when you did this. I still think about all my worldly possessions traveling that road that year, not once but twice! But you know exactly where and how fast to drive it. Too much stress for me.

  5. Bless Smooch's stoic tummy for keeping breakfast down on such extra-bumpy rides! She wasn't even complaining, brave girl. I imagine she gets the zoomies once she's survived the trip.
    Hehe, I would have liked to see the guy who managed to take out that innocent tree!

  6. I am exhausted now and must go lie