Tuesday, January 17, 2017


You might remember the picture above from early November, before Black Tuesday
when Danni helped me paint the wall black.
(psst...Danni is on Instagram if you'd like to see what she's up to. Click her name above to go there.)
I am sharing it again because I forgot to take a "before" picture 
of the cabinet upon which the TV sits.

Once the wall was painted, I thought the cabinet brought down the whole look,
with its dated 1980s dark-wood finish. 
So I did a little research, bought an e-book on how to refinish furniture,
and thus commenced a week without the use of my garage and dining room.

 First the cabinet had to be dismantled and sanded.

 Then it needed a few coats of primer.

 Then it got too cold in the garage and the whole project moved inside and 
Smooch and I sniffed paint fumes while multiple coats of paint and polyurethane were applied.

And now I think I can finally call the living room re-finished.


  1. Wow, what a great transformation! Makes a world of difference. ���� up for you Carson, you come up with the best ideas!!

  2. As always....impressed by your can do attitude! Finish looks great and also love the difference the new handles made.
    Lisa G in TN

  3. It looks great! So glad for the info on Danni instagram.

  4. totally awesome look. I love it. and the cabinet doesn't even look like the same one. WOW

  5. Wow! That looks super - the new hardware looks great with it too. I'm impressed.

  6. Superb job. The extent of your talents never ceases to amaze me.

  7. WOW! That's the kind of job I only have nightmares about! You ROCK!

  8. Yup....that definitely completes the look.

  9. Love it! Great job!!

    NE Oklahoma

  10. I *love* it - it turned out fabulous. Nice job on the new hardware, too. Oh, to have project/decorating visions like you do that actually turn out!!
    Haha, thanks for the Instagram shout-out...I have some fun, new followers now! ♥

  11. An American in Tokyo1/17/17, 5:26 PM

    Wow!! You sure are creative!! It looks great!! =D

  12. Ooh love it! Wow I would have never taken it apart....that's why your projects get done and mine are still waiting.
    It looks so professional!