Friday, November 11, 2016

The staycation that didn't go as planned

 Danni and Paul arrived from rainy Oregon a few days after Halloween.
Since they brought their weather with them, we spent the first few days of their visit indoors, 
in costume, eating a lot.

 Between storms, Tall Paul and I tackled the broken barn door.

 It was a two-person, three-donkey job.

 The donkeys were assigned to the entertainment crew...

 ...and did a very fine job.

 Alan: That's a good look on you.

 The weather improved considerably by Sunday, and we were able to leave the ranch

 If you're ever in New Mexico, add this place to your "must visit" list.

 It's about half way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

 The hike to the top of the slot canyon trail was strenuous
but worth every breathless moment.

 This is Alan being very mad. 
He knows the only way out of the pen is to get into the horse trailer.
The plan was for Danni and Paul to help me take all three donkeys to the vet
for their annual checkups. 

 We finally got everybody in the trailer at the same time, and then the phone rang ...
our vet had to cancel the appointment because of an emergency at the clinic.
Oh well. I'll reschedule when the next houseguest comes to visit,
since "loading three donkeys into the trailer" is another of those two-person jobs.

 The canceled vet visit gave us time to paint, which isn't necessarily a two-person job, 
but it sure goes faster and is a helluva lot more fun when help is available.
Smooch (Conehead) supervised from the couch.

Eating, fixing, hiking, trailering and painting were secondary to the main purpose 
of Danni and Paul's visit, which was to keep me company on Election Day.
We didn't have any specific plans for the day and decided early on that 
it would best be spent in festive celebration until the news coverage began 
and the results started coming in.

 We spent the morning in the corral, playing Cinderella.

 Lucy was dismayed when the ruby slippers didn't fit her dainty hooves.

 They fit somebody else, though.

Danni might have a second career as a Playboy Donkey.

 Lucy led the first ever 7MSN Election Day parade,

which was followed by a round of peppermint adult beverages.
And that's about where the celebration ended. 
We watched the news coverage, mostly in stunned silence, 
then Danni and Paul headed back to Oregon the next morning.


  1. Thank you for the link to Kasha-Katuwe. It is in my favorite area of NM. We were frequent hikers of Bandelier in the 1990s, and I can't believe we missed this place.

  2. There's a parade I would show up to watch! Glad to see a happy post, even if it ended somewhat abruptly. Thinking of you all these days.

  3. After reading about it, I realize why we missed seeing it in the 1990s since it was proclaimed in 2001. Jemez Mountains, Pajarito Plateau, Valles Caldera - all those names are luring me in again!

  4. I love the parade. It looks like you managed to have a really good time in spite of the unexpected.

  5. Love the Ruby slippers! Too bad we can't all click our heels and disappear for the next four years... Looks like everyone had fun on their staycation.

  6. Glad you had good friends with you on election night to help absorb the news.

  7. I would pay good money to see the entertainment part of your post today I smiled all the way through and I dearly love the red shiny shoes on that hook and also the Jean legs with the red shoes and the gym legs on the donkey and the parade and the whole post made me smile and smile and smile. I needed to smile because I haven't smiled since the election

  8. Despite everything, it looks like fun was had by all!
    Love the hiking photos, beautiful. You got chores done, ate and drank well ;-). The boys and Lucy (happy the vet was cancelled) were entertained by the crazy parade, hah! I know Smooch just loves company...and yeah well, words. Love this post <3

  9. Lucy looked kinda good in the ruby slippers -- hope she doesn't rule them out completely yet. Those rock formations & canyons are absolutely breathtaking. How lucky you are (no, how smart!) to live near them.

  10. Your post did me good. I am still in shock. Here's hoping...?

    Emily in NC

  11. Sometimes it's those mis "adventures" that make good friends such good friends. As for the election, just remember what the Good Book says: Hangeth thou in there. Aunt Jean

  12. Love the hijinks and pre-election parade. You've made some happy memories of the day in spite of everything. Still enjoying numb shock here. Had a funeral to attend on Wednesday - seemed about right.

  13. Lots of fun and festivities always accompany a visit from the northwest branch of the 7MSN family. Always a treat to see all of you enjoying each others company. Red sparkly shoes are right up Casa de Cuckoos alley if you remember the Donkeys in Oz celebration we had a few years ago.
    I'm with the others, numb. Glad you had friends to lessen the shock. xoxo Oma Linda

  14. such a nice post, make us smile and feel happy. so good to enjoy friends' company. and to know you have help

  15. I wanted a "like" button for so many of these photos!

  16. I loved every single photo in this post! Looks like it was a great (and fun!) visit!

  17. Nice post. Enjoyed the donkey high jinks and the Playboy donkey. Tent Rocks is a very special place.

  18. OH MY GOSH! That pic of Danni sitting on Lucy with those red shoes.... Danni, you must use for Christmas card or something. hilarious. and provided a much needed laugh after a mind numbing week. thought about you guys and put myself there in spirit to be surrounded by friends on such a night :)
    your day trip looks like it was awesome!

  19. An American in Tokyo11/14/16, 5:35 PM

    The hike looks wonderful and beautiful!!
    It looks like you had a lot of fun while Danni and Paul were visiting! =)
    I'm glad you got some things done as well!

    The parade and party in the pasture/corral look like so much fun!!