Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday encore ~ Johnny 1, Smooch 1

Originally posted on Nov. 20, 2014

It was around 7:00 Tuesday evening. Smooch was outside and I was inside working on a blog post.
Smooch barked to come in, so of course I opened the door, 
completely forgetting that Johnny was inside. 
A whole lot of hissing ensued.

Smooch backed off immediately.

Johnny claimed a safe spot on the windowsill, where he could attack if necessary.

Unwilling to be looked down upon, Smooch claimed a safe spot on her rug just outside the office.

Me: No, Smooch, I'm not going to make the cat go outside.
You two have to learn to get along.

It's a good thing Smooch can't see around corners.

Johnny: I've got her bed and her favorite toy. Score a point for me.

Smooch eventually reclaimed her territory without incident; 
however, the tension in the office was not conducive to me finishing the blog post, 
so Johnny was sent outside, scoring a point for Smooch with the evening ending in a tie.


  1. I remember this one. Love seeing it again. Thank you. They are both so precious.

  2. Ha ha...cats are so funny. Can't wait till Smooch is out of her "cone head"...such a good girl!

  3. Cute interlude and good for me to see as I have a cat and will be adopting a dog very soon. I hope they get along in a friendly manner.

  4. poor Johnny, he also deserves the warmth of the house and company