Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday encore ~ Collector's items

Today's encore is from Oct. 13, 2015, and features Lucy,
the best riding donkey in the universe.

If all goes as planned today, I will be meeting Lucy's previous mom
in person for the very first time. Of course there will be pictures taken,
so I might even have something fresh to blog about next week.


As if the weather and the company weren't perfect enough,
Sunday's trail ride was topped off by the proverbial icing on the cake:
finding an entire cow skeleton.

Spotting bleached bones from a mile away is my superpower.

Me: Look, Lucy! Another skull for our collection.
Lucy: If I keep my eyes closed, maybe it will disappear.

I'm not sure if Lucy was giving the stinkeye to me or the skull, but I'm guessing the skull.
It was still a bit ripe.

Lucy: You can hang the jaws on my other side for balance, but that's it.
We'll have to come back for the rest the next time...
and the time after that...and the time after that.

I'm guessing this poor girl has been decomposing for about a year. We found the skull, jaw, neck
and a shoulder blade about 30 feet away from the main skeleton, and they were bleached clean.
The rest, not so much. 

I still can't believe Saint Lucy puts up with me.

For now, the skull sits on the hearth. 

I covered the last one with howlite, a sort of poor girl's turquoise.

I'm going to try to electrify this one and turn it into a wall sconce,
as long as Smooch doesn't get to it first.


  1. Wondering if you made the sconce?

  2. Lucy is the best. Just does not ruffle. I don't remember the ankle things on her front legs. I believe that every bone you find carries a message from Georgia O'Keefe.

    Happy meeting with Lucy's other mom! Good vibes.

  3. Such a great find! How is the rest of Elvis?

  4. Lucy is such a patient soul. What do these cattle that you find die of, I wonder?
    I would NEVER have thought to make a skull into a wall sconce - I'm looking forward to a photos of that project!

  5. You must tell Lucy's first mom how loved and admired Lucy is from all around the globe.

  6. I wonder what Lucy's reaction will be when seeing her. I know her heartstrings will likely be quite taut!

  7. I hope you video the meeting!