Thursday, September 15, 2016

A morning contemplation on age

During my recent house purge, I unearthed the right half 
of the pair of shoes my dad had left here long ago. 
(You may remember the boys playing with the left half from this post 
and the subsequent related mystery that you all helped me solve in this post,
which, by the way, has some of the funniest comments ever to appear here.)

Anyway, on these cool fall mornings, before their grazing muzzles go on
and while they're raring to go, George and Alan like to play shoe.

Unlike her brothers, Lucy is not a morning donkey.

Lucy: I'm living with 2-year-olds.

Actually, they're both about to turn 10...I think.
Please wait while I look that up.
Yep, 10. Whoa.

Me: Does that shock you? It shocks me.
How did you get to be 10?

Lucy: And if they're 10, then I must be...16? 
Me: And if you're 16, then I must be...
crazy to keep this conversation going.

George: As long as you've got a strong set of teeth, age is just a number.

Alan: I don't think anybody's going to quote you on that.


  1. to bad us humans can't be that happy with one old shoe. wow on their ages. I rememeber the UFO post

  2. Lucy has got a beautiful bloom going on. 16 Looks good on her!

  3. Their faces when they play lighten my entire day. They make MY age just a number -- and my teeth are still pretty good!

  4. Lucy is 16? She does look maarvelous! And those two goofs haven't aged at all. So maybe you'll be finding another UFO one day...

  5. The other day the neighbor girl from my old neighborhood posted a picture of her and her drivers license. She was just born when I moved there. Then yesterday my friend tells me her kids are 11, 14 and 22 and the 22 year old just got married. Now the boys are 10 and Lucy is a teenager! Time is really flying.

  6. perfect title for today's entry, a rather large number for a birthday of mine. and an old shoe is a good thing for oh so many reasons. Thanks!

  7. this pink morning light is oh so gorgeous! love the boys playing joyfully and the big white tommy of Lucy! yeah were are all these years coming from?

  8. George and Alan still seem like little ones to me too. They are all so adorable.

  9. An American in Tokyo9/15/16, 6:01 PM

    I don't remember the UFO post, but I do remember them playing with the left shoe!
    I love how Alan has the WHOLE SHOE in his mouth! HA HA!

    I started feeling old when my friend's kids (who I remember as babies) graduated college! Ugh!