Thursday, August 25, 2016

Twelve times the trouble

Whether it's laying eggs in all the wrong places or disappearing for days at a time,
Twelve has a knack for causing trouble.

Now she's figured out how to sneak onto the porch,
leaving her sisters behind to wonder how they can get over there
and share in whatever delicacies the feral beast has left at my doorstep.

And by delicacies, I mean dead lizards.

Peach: Bitch never shares.

I'd never caught Twelve in the act and was just as curious as Peach and Ten
as to how she was getting access to the porch.

Oh, look. Another delicacy – squirrel paw.

Mystery solved.

As for those thirteen eggs Twelve hid under the bush...
I cracked one open this week and it smelled very bad, so I did the freshness test
on the rest of them (place egg in bowl of water, if it stays at the bottom = good, if it floats = bad). 
Every single one was a floater, which surprised me because the last time this happened,
all 26 of the hidden eggs were still fresh. But that was October and this is August.
Another reason to dislike summer.


  1. maybe you should reconsider naming Twelve Houdini...

  2. I'm surprised they don't just fly up, perch then land in the porch. Maybe they don't know they can? 12 just sucks it in, LOL.
    I'll be delaying breakfast this morning, aughhhh lizard.

  3. One of these days, she will eat so many delicacies that she will get stuck on her way back out.

  4. All those beautiful pictures, and bang, suddenly not so much ... Yes, coffee for lunch today :-/

  5. Mmmmm...squirrel paw. My favorite.

  6. I thought she might have flown over also. the girl must be really skinny under all those feathers.

  7. Bold chicken. In your face wasting eggs too. She is not having any of this good regimented layer life like the others :)

  8. Love the lizard...girl after my own heart :-)
    Love the Houdini name, wonder what she'll do next! I know Mrs. Hughes was upset and vocal, too.

  9. Northern AB gal8/25/16, 12:45 PM

    There always has to be the "one" that marches to the beat of her own drum, that's what makes life interesting. Love the comments from your readers, can you imagine the laughs we'd have if we all managed to get together sometime.

  10. An American in Tokyo8/25/16, 6:11 PM

    So glad that you tested the eggs! I got food poisoning from my own hard boiled egg once and it's not fun. You DO NOT want to have that happen to you!

    She's very clever, Twelve! At least she's cleaning up the porch for you?! ha ha!!

  11. As they are Bad, mark them and give them back to her she will be happy. I like her she has personality

  12. The girls never disappoint! Your flock is so much fun! Oh my, hiding eggs! That Twelve is a naughty hen!