Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Standing at the fenceline, watching all the cows go by

 Alan: Lots of cows on the road.
George: What should we do about them?

Lucy: Nothing. It's time to eat.

I took the hint and removed masks and muzzles.
Then I took pictures.

Here are two young bulls about to mix things up.

And here is one of their moms telling them to cut it out.

Young bulls have no respect for authority. Or my fenceline.

I used to like cows. Not anymore. They cause too much damage
to my fence, and I've got enough chores to do, thank you very much.

Yes, I'm talking about you.


  1. I see where the term bull-headed comes from! Also...interesting brand on the one calf.

    1. I was wondering if anyone would notice that. No, this herd does not belong to a white supremicist. The swastika symbol was used by native Americans way back when and that's where this brand originated, or so I'm told. I have been known to call them Nazi cows when they run into my fence.

    2. An American in Tokyo8/11/16, 8:06 PM

      They use a backwards type swastika symbol on maps here to designate temples because it comes from Sanskrit, but I think they are going to stop using it because it looks too much like a swastika symbol. But I like your nicknaming the cows "Nazi cows" when they ruin your fenceline! ;)

  2. Love the third photo of George and Alan. And I can never tire of photos of cows, love their faces and the way they look at you.

  3. There should be a rule....if any cow comes over, through, or under your fence, it becomes steak.

  4. That mom cow is about a half step away from completely emaciated, which is why they are damaging your fence. Your pasture is likely the only food left out there. We destroy our grasslands to grow corn for methanol and raise beef cows in the desert. The wonders of modern agriculture.

    1. I think she's sick, not starving. She and this herd have 20,000 acres of desert pasture at their disposal. Why they choose to hang out in this corner is a mystery. They travel 4+ miles every morning and evening to their water source.

  5. still, cows have big sweet beatiful eyes

  6. I saw the swastika too... happy to hear it has different origins.
    And Carson, I know you still love 'em, even if they cause you so much work.
    Nazi-cows... girl girl girl, watch your language! :-)