Tuesday, August 2, 2016

She never met a flower she didn't want to eat

My garden this year consists of four pots of geraniums and petunias 
and two pots of tomatoes. 

I occasionally treat the chickens to supervised visits in this area.
They seem to enjoy the change of scenery.

Look who isn't broody anymore! After nine weeks of self-imposed
imprisonment in the nesting box, Peach finally gave up on the idea of motherhood.

Geraniums are my favorite garden plants, if for no other reason than
they're relatively hard to kill. Also, I like their flamboyance
in this otherwise understated environment.

Mrs. Hughes photobombs the geraniums.

Me: Don't even think about it.

Mrs. Hughes: Think about what?

Lady Mary: You always have to spoil it for the rest of us.
Now we're going to lose our garden privileges.

Mrs. Hughes: Kiss my fluffy ass.

Lady Mary: See? I told you we'd get kicked out.


  1. wharf! sending kisses from France!!!! lol

  2. BTW beautiful tomatoes! wonder what Johnny thinks of this invasion as it is his own garden-territory

  3. Mrs. Hughes has a potty mouth.

  4. Wonderful post! Brings back special memories for me of my mom...she ALWAYS had red geraniums in the summer. She loved them so much. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Funny! I love the photobomb photo

  6. LMAO, Great post. Fantastic pics!

  7. Loved the Mrs. Hughes photobomb. Those are some haughty hens.

  8. Hah! I was crack in' up at this! Peach I remember when I had to give up, too. Mrs. Hughes is hilarious, such a character. I swear she knows what you are sayin...she's a rebel!
    I am still amazed that anything grows there, must be your care.

  9. Thanks for the smiles! Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  10. They are SO adorable! I love them ALL! We had chickens here (in town) when our children were little, but our collies kept catching them, so we returned them to the 40 acre ranch down in Thermal, along with the 3 geese that chased me around the yard, and the ducks!

  11. Oh that Mrs. Hughes!
    Are you down to four hens? What happened to ten, eleven and twelve? (Forgive me if I got their names wrong, I've never been good with numbers!)

    1. There are still eight hens - four of them failed to figure out that the garden gate was open.

    2. I've never been good with numbers....ROLF!!

    3. Good to know. "failed to figure out the garden gate was open." Ha ha haaaaa! The birdbrains!

  12. An American in Tokyo8/2/16, 6:01 PM

    Is there anything they don't eat? Just wondering...
    Sending fluffy kisses to you and the ladies! ha ha!

  13. Too funny. Mrs. Hughes is quite feisty.