Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday encore ~ Stalking the feral beast

Posted originally on August 4, 2015

 Deep in the New Mexico savanna, I stalk this feral beast.

 He quickly recognizes that all I'm after is his picture...

 ...and is more than happy to pose.

 JCC: Take one that makes me look particulary tall and majestic.

 We take a break to watch the clouds drift by.

 When it's damp and muddy in the savanna,

a trash bag is a photographer's best friend.


  1. Handsome and photogenic Johnny. So glad he likes to pose. My cat scats at the first appearance of a camera.

  2. the more I see your feral beast, the more I love hime! pix 2 shows how kindness is written on all his face. your trash bag made me laugh! mines never take that human form!

  3. Such a benevolent feral beast, and beautiful.

  4. An American in Tokyo8/7/16, 5:43 PM

    JCC looking handsome as ever! Have a great weekend!