Thursday, July 28, 2016

You can lead a chicken to water but you can't make them stand in it

I saw a photo on Facebook recently of a happy herd of donkeys 
circled around a lawn sprinkler, enjoying a refreshing break from the heat. 
My donkeys hate getting wet, but my chickens could qualify as amphibians 
for as much as they like water, so I bought them a sprinkler.

I had visions of a happy flock of chickens splashing around
and singing joyful songs, not to mention an awesome video,

but that didn't happen.

The chickens were not the least bit impressed,
or grateful that I would care enough about their welfare 
to invest in a two-dollar sprinkler from Walmart.

They did spend a bit of time discussing its merits
and elected Mrs. Hughes to speak for them.

Mrs. Hughes: NFW. We're not standing under there
just so you can get a funny blog post.

They saw no problem with taking advantage of the puddles from all the wasted water,

though their spokeschicken did have some difficulty trying to figure out
how best to reach said puddle.

Lady Mary: Why'd she turn it off? I was about to jump in.

Peach: I think I heard her mumble something about us being ingrates 

and maybe she'd try it with the donkeys next.


  1. maybe it was too close to their house, they like rain in the garden among the bushes. and oh yes, what a good idea, trying with the donkeys. and maybe Smooch may like to play with it. and anyway it will refresh your garden annd the surroundings of the house when sprinkling in the evening

  2. on no, don't get your feet wet... to funny

  3. How funny!!

  4. I wonder if the Porcine Princess would have been up for it?

  5. Think "ducks". Ducks don't have to be led!

  6. My chickens would never go near a sprinkler, but I leave the hose trickling and they love standing in the puddles when it's hot like this.

  7. Even if the don't play IN the sprinkler, the evaporative cooling in its vicinity might be appreciated...

  8. Unlike chickens, my pigeons really appreciate a sprinkler. All 50 of them will gather in a circle around the sprinkler on the lawn, with one wing extended to catch the droplets.

  9. 2 things..
    1. Is that a bone sculpture hanging from the fence?, &
    2. My chickens seem to reject every wonderful thing that Pinterest swears they are sure to love. Like the hanging frozen vegetable wheel on inferno days? Watched it melt & then threw dirt all over the veg as the pieces fell to the ground. Dust bath in a tire? They sat in it for photos, then proceeded to mine the dirt under and behind their coop as preferable to the fancy tire. Demand feeder made of roughly $72.64 cents worth of plastic pipe? They reached in & threw feed from it until it was empty.
    My 3 hens have not done much (other than lay eggs) to endear themselves.

  10. My ducks would have run in there, bills open. When I pour water in their bowl, I have one that invariably will interrupt the flow and get it all over me. My chickens just like some cool mud to dig through. I have heard of people freezing corn kernels in a block of ice and leaving it in a bowl for them. I know you like freezing things.

  11. was wondering if a mister might be a gentler way of cooling your chickens off??? I know I love mine, but
    my dogs...notsomuch.

  12. Get a mister ..the water kind. Birds love 'em (and so would chickens, I'd imagine)

    Maggy in NC

  13. After reading the other comments, there is only one thing to do.....get ducks!!!!

  14. And you thought donkeys were stubborn! LOLOL

  15. Mine don't like sprinkling either but they do love a wallow on a hot day. I run the hose in the same shady spot each day at around midday so it is already damp. They wade around in the puddle to cool their feet, drink the cool water, and when the puddle sinks in, they dig into the damp soil and use it for a sleeping spot in the hottest part of the day.