Tuesday, July 26, 2016

There's more where those came from

George has been wearing this grazing muzzle for two summers. 
It is held together with duct tape.

Alan has been wearing his grazing muzzle for two summers as well.
It is held together with electrical tape.

Lucy has been wearing this grazing muzzle for three and a half summers.
Though made of what appears to be the same stuff as my truck tires,
she has worn the bottom to a micro-thin layer.

Never underestimate the power of a donkey to destroy a grazing muzzle.

I'm convinced that they're convinced if they shred them to bits,
they won't have to wear them anymore. Silly them.
I purchased spare muzzles at the end of last summer just in case
and found sheepskin scraps on eBay to make extra liners.

Have I mentioned how frugal I can be?

I'm thinking my liners are going to outlast the purchased set,
and I saved 81% by going the d-i-y route. 
I didn't even swear too much making them.

Smooch: I've always wondered how I'd look with black hair.
Me: It's not a toupee. Forget about it.

 The new muzzles and liners looked pristine for less than five minutes.

Lucy, George and Alan proceeded to the pasture to pout...

...and contemplate new ways to destroy them, including but not limited to bulldozing.


  1. I wish you'd make one for me.

  2. I know it is for their own good, but I would have the hardest time putting them on those sad faces. You are a good donkey mama! Lisa G in TN

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your multi talents.

  4. How do they eat through that little hole?

    1. They're able to bite off a few blades of grass at a time ... instead of an entire mouthful.

  5. At least Lucy is not the only one with a grazing muzzle now. I'm sure George and Alan snickered at her and made rude comments.

    Good job.

  6. Ooh, fur lined muzzles...they look lovely. Well that didn't take too long...we all know that Alan is the Houdini in the group. Ruth (Ma) would be very proud of your sewing and DIY capabilities, I know I am.

  7. When my mares have to wear their grazing muzzles, they stand and pout. They dont even attempt to graze. Glad your kids are a bit smarter, even though my muzzles last a long time .

  8. You are clever to fix and reinforce these muzzles, and save a bit of money too. And it is much kinder to the environment to delay throwing things out. Well done.

  9. the little bastards! even bulldozing, their creativity is limitless!

  10. Maybe Alan has found a new activity: digging for gold!