Thursday, July 7, 2016

The feral beast goes camping

I've resigned myself to the fact that JohnnyCashCat and Smooch will never see eye to eye,
and it's best for all concerned that they remain on opposite sides of the door.
Besides, the cat has very important work to do outside.

But he has a knack for making me feel guilty about his perceived inequality,
and I like to do what I can to even the canine/feline score when possible.

 So I made the cat a tent for his front-porch naps.
These things are all over Pinterest and are constructed with everyday household items:
a couple of old t-shirts, a towel, baling wire (or wire hangers), and cardboard.

I made this one 12" x 17".

 To line the floor, I used a towel stuffed into one of the t-shirts.

 Then I stuffed the whole thing into the other t-shirt,
stretching and folding the fabric under the base and fastening it with safety pins.

Smooch: That's a pup tent. What did you give it to him for? 

The feral beast investigated his new accommodations several times... 

 ...but I've yet to see him go all the way in to sleep.

JCC: Maybe tonight, after we have a bonfire and you make me s'mores.


  1. Our indoor cat, Abby, loves boxes! Right now she has 3 of them. Two are little hideouts and the other one she crawls into and scoots paper around. I guess she loves the sound! She often curls up with me on the couch and she sleeps on our bed every night.

  2. It is cute. If you move it inside he will go in. But that defeats your purpose :)

  3. When colder days or nights come he will realize benefits of your tent. Great work!

  4. Love it! He'll be in there as soon as it cools down. Great color, too. Put some water there to make it cozier ;-)

  5. to cool and very creative.. maybe with time.

  6. So cute! Though I think the cat code is that if you've spent time/money on something it should be ignored. Free things like boxes or laundry are much more fun.

  7. Looks too small, He might need an extra large size....

  8. An American in Tokyo7/7/16, 5:56 PM

    Very nice!!
    Is it for nighttime? Does it get a little chilly over there at night?

  9. How is it that Smooch Pooch got along with all you other indoor cats? Did she have any issues with Deets?
    Surely Johnny still gets to come in sometimes. Hopefully there will be a peaceful coexistence at some point
    where they don't feel so threatened by one another.

    1. It's a mystery. The indoor cats lived here before Smooch did, and Smooch got along just fine with them. Deets, not so much. JCC still gets to come in - when Smooch is outside.