Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday encore ~ Glamour Girl

Since all of my posts from last year at this time were focused on 
a certain rattlesnake bite that I'd just as soon forget, I reached way back to July 2011 
for this encore. It was Lucy's first summer at the 7MSN.


February 16, 2011 – I will forever remember the day Lucy arrived at the 7MSN. 
It was the very first time I met her in person. There's something to be said for online dating after all. 
Anyway, it was the middle of winter, and she came from Colorado
wearing a heavy, shaggy winter coat.

Winter turned to spring and spring turned to summer and the winter coat came off, slowly but surely.
Underneath those Andy Rooney eyebrows was one gorgeous glamour girl.

Seeing her every day, I hadn't realized how much Lucy's looks have changed
over the past five months until recently. Many of you have noticed it, too,
commenting on the dapples in her coat that you have seen in this week's posts.
They have emerged like festive little polka dots.

I've always thought Lucy was beautiful, but now she is simply stunning.
Yeah, and she sort of knows it.
There's a little bit of diva underneath those high cheekbones.

Hank: She's a looker. I get it. But until the day she gets an agent 
and starts putting beans on the table, we've still got to eat, 
and that means you have to put that damned camera down and feed us. Capisce?

Me: Yes, sir. I had no idea you spoke Italian.


  1. i agree, she is stunning... i love the one full face above the word stunning

  2. Hank was fluent in French, too....
    Love these photos, what a difference in her. She is stunning but also affectionate and cuddly. She didn't let it go to her head.

  3. those eyes.. and those ears!

  4. Lucy brings the joy with her beauty. Always.

  5. An American in Tokyo7/11/16, 7:57 PM

    So purty!!

  6. Lucy is so purdy and Hank has culture.