Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday encore ~ Care to join me for a little rattlesnake wrangling?

This post is from July 29, 2015. The snake population this year seems to have diminished – 
I've only had to relocate one rattlesnake so far, and it was a non-blog-worthy event. 
Let's hope it stays that way. 
(Can you hear the universe laughing, now that I've said that out loud? What an idiot.) 


It was around 7 o'clock Tuesday morning. I had been in the barn tending to the herd
since 6:30. George walked over to the end stall to poop, 
then planted himself next to the back door to take a nap. 
I fetched the wheelbarrow and moved into the stall to clean up his mess.

That's when I saw the rattlesnake for the first time. He was all coiled up like a cinnamon roll,
basking in the morning sun, not two inches away from George's left front hoof.
George was oblivious, the snake was oblivious, and I was incredulous.
I asked George to walk toward me and he wouldn't.
I pulled on his grazing muzzle to lead him toward me, but that wasn't happening either.
Meanwhile, the snake stayed all coiled up without a care in the world.
Finally, I lured George away with a cookie.
The snake slithered between the stall wall and the wire kick-panel.
I closed doors and gates to keep everybody out of the stall, then ran like hell to the garage
to fetch the snake pole, with a brief stop to pick up the GoPro because:
a) what's the point of having a head-cam if you're not going to use it at a moment like this?
and b) I knew some of you would want to come along for the adventure.


  1. OMW OMD so glad he did not bite George. and the video scared me silly. i could never ever never do what you did...

  2. We'll just hope the universe wasn't listening.

  3. You're kind of like a superhero the way you get up out of bed & take on a deadly snake, all before a cup of coffee. And you even film it for everybody's enjoyment; it's like a brief episode of National Geographic, but with more donkeys.

    You mentioned a gun, which made me wonder if they're allowed to be hunted because I've always heard that rattlesnake tastes like chicken & I wondered if that were true & so I'd try it at least once, just to find out.
    But not if I had to go out & hunt it myself before coffee.

  4. You've moved so many in the past maybe they know they are not welcome at your place anymore. Good on ya, Carson.

  5. Anne Boleyn7/24/16, 6:19 AM

    I love a good rattlesnake relocation video!

  6. You are a good person. I don't think I could do that. :/

  7. you are having wayyyyyyy to much fun entertaining us with your new camera showing off your wrangling skills, shudder, eeeekkkkk