Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Round, orange objects

My camera died and has been in the shop for a few weeks. It's all better now, thank goodness. 
The repair order states, "Cleaned mud and dirt out of camera interior."  
I can understand how a little dirt might work its way in there, but the mud remains a mystery.

Anyway, I walked around yesterday taking a few shots to make sure everything worked properly.
Nothing blog-worthy was happening, but these three share a theme: round, orange objects.

The curve-billed thrasher I promised not to pester while she sat on her nest,
so I used my extra-long lens.

The one-a-day tomato plant, or at least that's the rate at which these have been ripening so far.
None have made it into a salad. I eat them the moment I pick them. 

The one and only Smooch.


  1. My tomatoes are similarly treated. My family thinks there is something wrong this year. Ummmm, not really. I'm just hungry and treating myself to a little nature candy...

  2. I am surprised they didn't find more in that camera! It's been everywhere. Smooch looks great, such a sweetheart. I can't wait for my tomatoes to ripen, yum

  3. Nice study with your now cleaned and ready to go favorite camera.

  4. Your camera is new again! Nice warm up shots. Elevated space with lots of coneflowers and black eyed susans. Retaining wall, redbud tree, lots of stuff. There is a cherry tomato plant near where I park car. Easy reach. Pick and pop into mouth when one is ready, or almost ready. Really just falls off when touched. Summer time.

  5. I really, really love fresh tomatoes but my favorite orange of these pictures is Smooch. Loretta

  6. An American in Tokyo7/20/16, 5:56 PM

    Nice to have a theme for the day. =)
    The thrasher's eye looks so wary!
    Tomatoes! Yum!
    Hi Smoochie-poo!