Thursday, June 23, 2016

Another bedazzled bovine

 Back in October and two cow carcasses ago, Lucy helped me bring home
this skull. My intention at the time was to electrify it into a wall sconce,
but the cow with the bad toupee will be better suited for that,
so I decided to bedazzle this one.

 I went rock shopping on Etsy and bought a pound of Snowflake Obsidian from Utah, 
plus a couple pounds of assorted semi-precious gemstones, 
from which I sorted out all the whitish ones.

 You know you live in the middle of nowhere when gluing stones to bones
passes for entertainment during a heat wave.

You're probably thinking "who's got more rocks in her head, her or the cow?"
I started wondering that myself several days into this project.
The stones had to be placed on a flat plane so that they wouldn't slide off
while the glue dried, and it turns out a cow skull has many planes. 
So the process was: apply glue, apply stones, let dry, rotate, repeat.
I considered using a barbecue spit for the rotating part
but didn't want you to think I was weird.

 My bedazzled bovine has found a home in the sunroom.

 I wonder how many bedazzled bovines in one home is too many?

So far, I'm up to two.


  1. looks great, love it! I say you can never have too many. I would have them all over! (Think of it as recycling and helping the environment).

  2. Would a glue gun make it easier? Perhaps it gets too hot out there for that to work as a heatwave might cause the glue to soften and the stones to slide off?

  3. Personally, I like the crochet projects better, but I'm more into fiber arts and always have been. I did find the bone-sculpture projects interesting (reminded me of the metal art sculptures )

    here's a local one to my area (that has a link)

    We have a full size metal cow sculpture downtown on a corner
    it will almost make you have a fender-bender :)

    M in NC
    ... welding ... another outlet for all that creative energy ;)

  4. these are my first ever bedazzled bovines... good job...

  5. Not something you would see in central Kentucky, but it suits you. Let us know if Smooch decides to bark at it :)

  6. They just seem so 7 MSN.

  7. I agree and disagree with Anne Boleyn. I agree a hot glue gun would be my choice for fastening stone to bone. I disagree that the glue would soften should you put a skull outside. Well, there could be a problem with black stones in the sunshine... So I would test that with a few black stones fastened with a hot glue gun and placed in the sun before doing the rest.

  8. I was thinking hot glue gun and toast tongs, (so you don't burn your fingers). I forgot about the heat factor for outdoors. Very creative none the less. I like them.

  9. If this is what you are into, then go for it; make more! Personally, if I saw those skulls in the middle of the night, they would scare the rocks right out of me. We are also in a heat wave, worse next week. I have been busy with documentary's lately. Specifically the one on ESPN: OJ Made in America. It was riveting and very sad.

  10. O, no, the heat has struck again!!!! Seriously, I think you should glue stones all over one of the skulls, even on the inside of the eye and jaw areas. Just load that thing up. Probably would put Smooch on red alert.

  11. Non western dwellers probably wouldn't get that these cow skulls done this way are expensive art have done very well. As the kids would say, you represent. xoxo Oma Linda

    1. You are so right! I have seen them for over 2k-3k depending what's on them and who is selling them. I personally could never part with them if they were mine!

  12. Oh yes, keep it up. I love the turquoise skull. I forgot to tell you something in my note about the bird. We have a new pet on Rattlesnake Ranch. Since the loss of "Tiger" we kept water in his pasture since the deer and other animals come to drink from the galvanized tub. We love your goldfish and it seems happy there with the Jim went out last night for one. He brought home a lovely little Shubunkin (goldfish/koi) with black, orange and white spots. What to name him? Jim's a retired submariner so we thought of many old boats...but then I thought of the perfect name: "TANK"! *lol* I love sharing pets with you. One thing we lack is an outside cat. We have a cat disease around here carried by bobcats that's almost 100% fatal and add the coyotes...pfffft...nope. Our two stay inside now. ~Auntie Em~

  13. Nicely done! I like them a lot.

  14. An American in Tokyo6/23/16, 6:37 PM

    TOO COOL!!! Wow...

  15. I'm on the "never have too many" bandwagon, but there is always the Etsy store.

  16. Very nice project! I like your turquoise looking one too. If you Google "cow skull art" there are all sorts of cool pictures of things people have done to decorate them. I sure wish I had a cow skull to play with.