Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A grace period

 It's a special time of year in New Mexico, a grace period between seasons...

 ...before the grass is lush and grazing muzzles must be worn...

 ...before the flies come out and fly masks must be worn...

 ...before these adorable faces are hidden from view until late fall.

The grace period won't last much longer...

...but we're all making the most of it while it's here.


  1. Enjoy it while it last and those pictures are are all beautiful.

  2. Lovely. Definitely a fleeting time. Our grace period is already past: drying hillsides, seeking shade and flymasks already on (and one torn up already. It's gonna be a long summer...)

  3. As others have said, the pictures are beautiful. And your "family members" look real cute without anything hiding their faces. I can see why you like to hug them. (And scratch them and touch them and photograph them.)

  4. Aww, and yes they are adorable! But so patient when you have to load them up with the fly paraphernalia.

  5. It is black fly season here. Which will be followed by mosquito season. Which is followed by deer fly and horse fly season. Oi yoi yoi! I took a tip from your post on putting repellent in everyone's ears. I've now got our three willing to let me put a cream based repellent in their ears each morning. It has made a HUGE difference. Once the bugs really get bad our guys like to lounge around the fans in the barns until dark. Then they roam the paddocks and the woods with the moon!

  6. An American in Tokyo5/17/16, 5:46 PM

    Lovely! Enjoy!