Monday, April 4, 2016

George starves while the sun rises

I typically don't take my camera with me for morning chores because:
a.) no coffee yet
b.) I can't find it (see a.)
c.) the herd does not welcome any delays or disruptions in their routine.

However, there are exceptions, with colorful sunrises chief among them.

Having lived with me nigh on to nine years, one would think that George
would come to appreciate that resplendent morning light 
will occasionally take precedence over the timely delivery of breakfast.

Not so.

I'm not quite sure what he was saying here.
Something on the order of "get your ass out here with my hay."

George: Give me strength, Alan. I'm about to pass out from starvation.

Lucy: Take a number. I get fed first.

Me: Alright, alright, I'll put the camera down and get your breakfast ready...

...after I get one more shot of your irresistable starving cuteness.


  1. You're killing me!

  2. P.S. I had a dream about you last night. My husband and I were at a concert and it was next to your property. You were out there knitting end you had all of these towels and pillows made and everyone wanted to buy them. You were working on a bedspread and you were covering it in the puffs like your pillows, but the puffs were about 9" around. Looked really cool.
    Then we got to see the new members of your family. A big horse and a little colt with real unusual feathering.
    When we were leaving we said we would see each other in Pietown. Crazy dream.

  3. No matter how late breakfast is, he simply can't look fierce, can he? (And it was a beautiful sunrise!)

  4. Hehe, how sweet! Poor George. He does suffer so.

  5. Michelle from Vancouver4/4/16, 8:57 AM

    I'm with George! Nothing worst than a late breakfast.

  6. That sunrise is magnificent!! It looks like George has been taking lessons on flaring his nostrils from Alan. As cute as he is, Alan has the best flare. And resting his head (almost) on Alan's shoulder cracks me up.

  7. George is beautiful in that morning light. And you know what they say: you can eat, or you can be a model.

  8. Poor George. The light was worth the wait though.

  9. He looks hangry, better get that breakfast.

  10. Oh those eyes!! the sunrise is wonderful and angry/hungry Georges hilarioous!

  11. An American in Tokyo4/4/16, 6:09 PM

    Aww, poor George!! Just look at his face!! lol