Friday, April 1, 2016

A view from the magic carpet

Lucy eyed me with suspicion as I walked into the pasture.

Fresh off a photo shoot with the chickens and the feral beast,
I was carrying my magic carpet,
a most handy accessory when photographing from the ground.

 It passed Lucy's inspection...

...and might have passed George's had Lucy not told him to mind his own business.

Lucy eventually lost interest, enabling the boys to get a closer look.

Before George hauled it off, I laid claim and got down to business.

Lucy seemed concerned that I was lying down on the job.

At least she didn't try to climb on my back, which is somewhat surprising
given how many times I've climbed on hers.

Alan's nostrils are even cuter from this angle.


  1. That picture of Alan really captures his curiosity!

  2. Northern AB gal4/1/16, 6:41 AM

    Lovely; sunny, blue cloudless sky, wide open spaces and fourlegged friends, does it get any better than that? Oh yeah, I bet it's quiet too. I love living in the country where there is no background noise except what nature provides.

  3. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday that Lucy arrived. Other times it is like she has always been a part of the herd. Gorgeous pictures.Love that New Mexico light and those sweet beings.

  4. Now that would've been a picture! I can see it now, Lucy sitting on your back like Johnny.

  5. we love this angle, hope to see more pixes of it...

  6. They are saying..."If we are having a picnic, where's the peanut butter and watermelon!?"
    Lucy's expression is so sweet and those two goobers have to be kept in line by her. Those skies are something else...and here I thought you just got down into the dirt!

  7. The forced perspective of the head on shot of Lucy is really cool, but that super-cute Alan is my favourite 7MSN equine.

  8. An American in Tokyo4/4/16, 6:26 PM

    So that's how you do it!?! Nice angle!!