Monday, April 18, 2016

A public service announcement for people who wear bracelets and live alone

Back when I received my "Hank" bracelet, I figured I would wear it all the time,
but the jewelry maker advised against wearing it in the shower,
so I was forced to remove it every other day or so.
Then I would spend the next day or so trying to put it back on,
which usually involved some combination of my teeth and the nearest hard surface.
Who knew bracelets could be so ornery?

I was bemoaning this dilemma with Ethel, who, being a connoisseur
of all things sparkly, quickly came to my rescue.
She sent me a bracelet buddy, which immediately solved my problem.
I assumed every bracelet-wearing person in the universe must know about this ingenious device
and I was simply the last to find out. Not so. Justina didn't know about it,
and neither did two other friends who visited last weekend.
So my assumption is some of you may benefit from this discovery as well.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Amazon has several models, if you're in need. Just search on "bracelet buddy."


  1. That is the coolest thing EVER!! I usually rely on colorful language to assist with a bracelet when needed. One of my favorites has a toggle clasp on a chain with large links. Getting it on is usually not so hard ... getting enough slack in it to take it OFF can be interesting. This tool looks like it would work for that, too.

  2. I took the google option ...
    Hmmm ... an aligator clip on a stick. Simple and effective.

    M in NC
    .... must wait to view youtube later

  3. Too cool! Although I had heard of these years ago, I had totally forgotten.

  4. Super idea! Now I want (need!) one. :)

  5. I never new about that either. Thanks, Ethel!

  6. My grandmother bought me one of these years ago....very handy. I promise you will find other uses for it too. Lisa G in TN

  7. That is so cool! I hadn't heard of one either.

  8. very ingenious, I always have to wait for my husband to help me. I have to get one of those!!

  9. All of the Cuckoos were totally ignorant about this "wonder tool". And we are a herd of bracelet wearing fools. So thanks. xoxo Oma Linda

  10. Never mind about the bracelet buddy, those floors! Where have I been for the past five years that I have not noticed those stained concrete floors! OMG they are beautiful and pristine!
    Oh, and the bracelet buddy is super cool. I too live alone with a blind wiener dog who is only in it for the food, so this will be handy for me.

  11. Works for necklace too.

  12. Add me to the list of not knowing about this great tool..
    Thanks for the demo..And your floors are fabulous as well...Thanks
    to your friend Laura, I relooked at the floor....
    Love from NC

  13. You can do exactly the same thing with a paper clip that you fold out.

  14. You can also use scotch tape to hold the bracelet in place on your arm while you attach the little clip. That is until you order the bracelet buddy. Good story and I like the floors too.

  15. Ok, so I solve the problem by making bracelets that roll on. They are tubular bead crochet. I would think that a crocheting person like yourself would like to know about that. I learned how to do it off the Internet at She has cool CAD tutorials.

  16. an even cheaper alternative....masking tape....I tape one side down to my wrist and with my other hand I clasp the bracelet.

  17. You can use a paper clip too. Unbend one end of it so it's longer and use the other end as a hook to hold your bracelet loop. Cheaper than buying something.