Wednesday, March 16, 2016

While George lay sleeping

I'm thankful that my animals are so comfortable with my presence
that I can photograph them in embarrassing poses while they sleep.

They're used to my scent and my movements 
and are unbothered that I'm inches away from them, peering up their nostrils.

All that changes when the feral beast steps into the picture.

George wasn't quick enough to catch the cat but figured 
he might as well request a butt scratch as long as he was up.


  1. This makes me want to take a nap in the sun today.

  2. That first pic is a great shot! I love it... especially the little smile. Wonder what he was dreaming?

  3. I've never seen a cuter face in my whole life!

  4. So darn cute, from either end!

  5. Love how donkeys smile when they are sleeping. And how the make us smile when we watch them!

  6. Even with the muddy bits on his face, I'd love to give him a peck on his sweet face. As to the feline alert.....there's a lot of that going on at my house with our new "feral" (who really is a beast). She is so very little but causes so much consternation.

  7. I would be totally unbothered that you would be peering up my nostrils and that Johnny be around, if only I could lie in the sun in your backyard! (by the way I see Goerges peering at you through his eyelid in the first pix!

  8. Oh! Those first two photos, suitable for framing.
    Love them

  9. Omg. That face!
    George is so adorable.

  10. An American in Tokyo3/16/16, 8:56 PM

    I love that first shot of George! You can see a little of his teeth! hee hee!

    Do you ever see them moving around while they sleep, as if they are dreaming of running or something?
    My friend's dog used to do that and it was so cute!