Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday encore ~ The happiest hour of the season

 There is something about the middle of March in New Mexico. 

The weather abruptly turns perfect for a day or two.
Morning chores are done without a coat, afternoon rides are taken in a t shirt,

 and the first official happy hour of the year commences on the porch.

A glass of pinot grigio is a refreshing treat in the heat of the late afternoon.

For a moment, I thought Johnny had developed a taste for wine...

 ...but I suspect he was more interested in the first fly of the season, who was swimming in my glass.

Johnny: I cannot believe you're still going to drink that.


  1. That was funny and very peaceful looking.

  2. It was your lucky day when Johnny Cash Cat came to stay.

  3. thank you for my first real laughter of the day. i needed a lift and this did the trick... I knew JC was smart but not HOW smart.

  4. Such super photos! Can't get over that pink tongue hangin' out. Looking at the glass of wine, I could've done likewise.

  5. Perfection, absolute perfection.

  6. Oh what a ham JCC is....He knows how to work the poses for
    the camera...Enjoy your weekend.
    Love from NC

  7. We're getting a 'little' taste of spring to come up here in Canada too! Glad you are now OUT of this past winter's wrath!

  8. Alcohol kills germs, right?

  9. What a fun post!
    Also happy to see mom's unpolished fingernail.

  10. I think they've got it cover. JCC is so handsome and photogenic. I'm guessing the fly survived.